Thursday, 1 January 2009


I’m hot…no, not in that Paris Hilton way where she calls everything hot. Really, you would think she would have come up with another phrase by now other than ‘that’s hot’. If she had an editor she would get several highlighted comments saying ‘repetitious – please change one or all.’ With her money you would think she could pay someone to make her look brilliant. But anyway, to help the blonde heiress along, I am going to suggest she use the following synonyms - burning, boiling, scorching, sizzling and maybe if she wants to confuse everyone, more than normal, she could use the antonym – cold. Just a suggestion. Last time I saw the news she was still in Australia doing something…not sure what. Maybe buying clothes? I’m sure it was very useful and important whatever it was.

So back to my particular hotness. I was most pleased at my willpower. I did not run outside when the ice cream van came past my door three times. Normally things done in threes I consider an omen that needs to be followed – you know – third times a charm - but this time I stayed inside and did not scramble out to buy 57 cartons of deliciously cooling ice cream. God knows I wanted to but to be honest that would have required putting a t-shirt on over my bra and it’s too hot to do that. And no, I am waaaaaaay too scary in bra and shorts to inflict myself on the general public even in the name of all things ice creamable. Okay – possibly I made up that word….

Good thing about the heat is I eat less, pee more due to fluid intake and the arthritis in my thumb has gone. There’s the bright side to life – weight loss and no pain. The non bright side to life is I took down my 2008 fire-fighters calendar. Bye boys. I forgot to buy one for this year. Yes, I will rectify this immediately. The money goes to charity and that’s the only reason I buy it I swear.

So – you know it’s hot in Brizzie, that I am sitting in my bra and shorts, I have an iron will that prevented me buying useless, cooling calories that would have made me happy….yeah…well…sob…and I am trying to make Paris look smarter. Busy, busy….

I heard this song today that I had not heard in forever.
Click here if you want to. It reminded me of a time long ago. Actually, more than that – it reminded me when I used to hate listening to this song because it kept reminding me of a really big mistake I made. Yes, it’s a soppy love song. And when I heard it today, I thought huh…well there you go. Memories never die.
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