Sunday, 25 January 2009

How does one make a chicken?

So I was heading out west, singing along to Pink’s Funhouse – I love her songs – they’re real piss-off-then-I’ll-get-by-without-you songs – and I saw this sign saying “Homemade chicken.” I was most intrigued. I would have stopped and asked about this phenomena but I was on a deadline. Once I pass the Wulkuraka (Wool-car-rack-a) sign this city girl does not get out of the car as you never know when a feral cow or rampaging pissed off roo or drop bear will attack you. The country – it’s so raw and out there and icky bordering on ooky. By the way – I love the name Wulkuraka – if I had a child I’d probably name it Wulkuraka Jones…anyway, I digress…so I shot past the sign, in Ida the wonder car, I pondered the question - how does one make a chicken? Homemade jam and cakes I understand but chicken? I find the idea of it kind of scary. Chicken is chicken. It’s pretty much an original design patented by the cosmos. To make you own chicken would be a gutsy move. What do you make it out of? Chicken? Or some other meat you flavour with chicken seasoning? Maybe you then sculpt pseudo chicken flesh on a wire frame like a Frankenstein’s monster thing….most confusing – and yes, next time I will stop and sus out the ‘homemade chicken.’

On the way home nothing exciting happened – though I did make a sacred vow never to be a biker chick as those women are either amazingly fearless doing the pillion passenger thing or completely out of their minds because at 100 clicks per hour there is no bloody way I would be relying on some bloke in front of me not to fall off the bike cause he’s the only thing you’re holding on to.


It is "the arrogance of someone who believes they are right, in signing a decree which will open the door to abortion and thus to the destruction of human life," Archbishop Rino Fisichella was quoted as saying by the Corriere della Sera daily.

Now I personally don’t care if you worship Glinda the good witch – go for it - but do not tell other people what they can and cannot do – be it abortion, stem cell research or what the colour of underwear should be. It’s no one’s business but the person it concerns. I do wonder what these men in frocks in the Vatican know about real life issues – and yet they are more than happy to try and enforce their will on others. Can you theorize about life and be an expert on it without actually living it at a ground level? I would like to make a suggestion to The Vatican – after visiting Rome and seeing the street urchins and the poverty and comparing it to the riches of the Vatican – that maybe they would consider hocking a few golden goblets and plates and fix some of the problems literally on their own door step first before sticking their nose in elsewhere.
Just a thought…

here to hear an iconic Aussie song and click here for the commercial urging Aussie’s to get off their arses and celebrate Australia Day tomorrow – though, to be honest, we need little urging – and if you don’t want to click than I respect your right to be click free.
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