Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The far queue….

So, I decided to write a book under a different name – in fact a whole genre in the name Penn Halligan. Why? Many reasons. It could have been because a jumped up tinpot, shonky little twerp who’s pissed I’m not playing by the rules indicated I couldn’t. It could be that I wanted to do something different. Something hotter. Wilder. Forbidden. Taboo. Hence Penn Halligan. Yeah, she’s still me. Amarinda still exists and I’m still writing Amarinda. I’m just branching out some. Penn is my wilder side. Amarinda is more sedate…no really, I’m very sedate-ish…at times…when I’m in the mood or half asleep…anyway – there’ll be a choice when it comes to reading – madly wild Amarinda or out of control Penn.

Anyway, my alter ego Penn picked up a contract with eXcessia for Sex by Numbers. It’s about one woman and six men – possible? Oh yes…

Oh – and to the jumped up tinpot, shonky little twerp – please go directly to the far queue.
Be an Amarinda book


Sandra Cox said...

congrats on the contract...