Sunday, 31 January 2010

I knew it...

Australia ranked world number one for sinning

• Australia ranked 1 for sinning
• South Korea ranked 1 for lust
• United States ranked 1 for gluttony

AUSTRALIANS are the worst sinners in the world, British researchers have decided.

In a study of 35 countries, Australians come up as the most likely to commit one of the biblical seven deadly sins.

This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Why? Because I believe Aussies are way more daring and risky than any other people. It’s in our nature. I see it all the time. I often wonder, when I speak to other authors from different countries, why they worry so much about rules and what people will think. Aussies are plain speaking people who won’t put up with crap and we’ll have a go at anything. That’s our heritage and I’m proud of it.

Sin is good. Try some today. And, if you not an Aussie, do the best you can.
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Sandra Cox said...

You go, Aussie Woman.