Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Presenting Sandra Cox….

Odin Cats by Sandra Cox is out now at Whiskey Creek Press. Click on the cover to buy….

The old cat shook his head, his whiskers twitching. “You are brave, kind and intelligent but you lack patience and humility.”

With a twitch of his plumy tail, Seth stalked off. “Sppt, patience is for the old and humility is for those not born to royalty.”

Green eyes glowing, the soothsayer said, “I wish I could learn these lessons for you, but I cannot. It’s a journey you must make alone. It will be painful in the extreme. But know this. You will survive. And your story will be told around the campfires of both soldier and peasant cats alike. The name of Sittchuk-Seth will ride the wind and be carried to the farthest corners of the kingdom.” As Furrlin spoke, his shadow filled the room, his jeweled eyes mesmerized and his voice beckoned like that of a siren’s. It echoed and reechoed about the room. Colors flashed from his sharp talons.

Seth could feel his pupils dilate and his breath come in short sharp pants as he watched his mentor. The nerves beneath his skin tightened. A quiver, like a stroke over fur, ran along his spine. Though, they’d been together for years, seldom did he see the old soothsayer’s magic.

Then the shadow and colors dissipated, the voice no longer boomed and the glowing green eyes dimmed to that of an old cat with the beginnings of cataracts.
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