Tuesday, 19 January 2010

You’ll never be as good….

…those were the words someone recently used in an email to me. I won’t go into the whole thing but basically the sender was peeved that I would not bow down to what they considered law. Well no. I’m an Aussie. We’re big on the principle that not only is Jack as good as his master but most times he could kick his master’s arse from here to next Tuesday. And how dare someone declare in a threatening tone that “You will fail.” Oh fuck off. I will not. And what sort of jumped up toss-pot thinks they can intimidate anyone? And by email? So scared…not.

I find those who threaten you with failure are often scared of life so how can you be scared of them? And wishing failure on someone because it’s the company line? Get out of the company and make your own decisions. Mouthpieces are usually full of spit and get thrown out.
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