Thursday, 7 January 2010

Presenting Anny Cook....

Carnal Camelot by Anny Cook is out now. It’s two hotter than hell books in one. Click on the cover to buy…

The Blurb…

When Florian LeFleur’s wife runs away with an acrobatic troupe, leaving him with three marriageable daughters, he resolves to take them to Came-a-lot in search of husbands. Honeysuckle, his middle daughter, resigns herself to settling for just one man, though in her heart she longs to find two special men who will make mad passionate love to her for the rest of their days.

The first night at the inn, Honey encounters the hunkalicious Hieney twins, Peter and Dick, who claim her immediately and announce their intention to marry her at the first opportunity. Their plans are delayed as they deal with a coup attempt against King Arthur, are abducted by a wicked sorceress, experience wild poison-induced passion in a cave and meet a sexy well-endowed unicorn.

Honeysuckle – the excerpt

The next morning when Susan handed out the daily assignments, Honeysuckle was faintly uneasy when informed that she would be cleaning the Hunting Knight guesthouse. The other maids all looked at each other with sly glances and promptly began to giggle. That didn’t reassure her at all but she gathered the necessary supplies and set off across the Queen’s Garden in search of the guesthouse. Susan’s directions had been sketchy to say the least.

By the time she battled her way past knee-high weeds and thorny brambles, she was hot, dirty and annoyed. Who was in charge of this disaster of a garden, anyway? She reached the far side of the garden and approached the Hunting Knight guesthouse cautiously. While she loved the thrill and pleasure of fucking two—or three—men, she was actually quite picky about whom she shared her body with. Her impromptu bathtub party with the Hieney brothers was the first time she had ever been with total strangers. And she was determined it would be the last time she was caught so unaware. She didn’t want to walk into an ambush like the ones she’d avoided in the castle so far.

First she walked around the guesthouse, noting the positions of doors and windows. Then she approached the back door with her basket of cleaning supplies, still uneasy but unable to put her finger on what was causing her unsettled feelings. The door swung open under her light touch and she stepped into a huge sunny kitchen. It was a huge sunny spotless kitchen.
Immediately she stopped and surveyed her surroundings. Either no one used the kitchen or a maid had already been here to clean the guesthouse. In which case, what was she doing here? Honey deposited her basket on the table and tiptoed to the door to peek down the hall. It appeared that no one was at home. And yet the silence didn’t have the same quality that an empty house had. Someone was waiting…for her.

With a resigned sigh, she crept down the hall. Then anger rose within her. Whoever waited for her at the other end was in for a surprise. Nothing pissed her off more than being stalked like prey. Raulf might be an asshole butler but he’d been determined that the sisters would never have to submit to a man unless that was their choice and he spent hours training them accordingly. Let the games begin.

She passed the game room and Peter stepped out into the hall, positioned perfectly for her attack. One sharp chop to the base of the skull and he slithered toward the floor. She spun him toward her and folded his slack body over her shoulder. As quietly as possible, she carted him into the game room and dumped him on the billiard table. Then she assumed his previous position next to the door and patiently waited for Dick to arrive. While she waited her anger heated to a towering rage as she thought of their planned ambush.

In the guest hall, Dick heard a faint thud and then silence stretched out unbearably. Something was not right. Exiting the guest hall through the wide garden doors, he circled the house until he reached the kitchen door. Silently he entered, noting the basket of cleaning supplies on the table. Then with an annoyed shake of his head, he stalked down the hall toward the game room. Obviously Peter was starting without him.

When he trotted through the door and saw Peter stretched out on the billiard table, Dick knew he’d made a stupid strategic error. That was his last thought for a while as Honey brought the handle end of a cue stick down on his unprotected head.

When Dick woke, he and Peter were cuffed back-to-back with two pairs of lovely padded cuffs Honey had located in one of the cupboards. Unfortunately, they weren’t the quick-release cuffs. It wasn’t called the game room just because you could play billiards in it. As a matter of fact, while heaving Peter onto the table Honeysuckle had immediately suspected that the billiard table was seldom used to actually play billiards.

Blearily Dick noted that their ankles were tied together with soft bindings.
And they were naked.

Valiantly ignoring his pounding head, Dick observed the ripped bits and pieces of clothing strewn about the room on his side of the billiard table. Honeysuckle had been a busy, busy girl. His nipples pinched and pulsed. He craned his neck until he could see his chest. Tiny silver nipple rings pierced each nipple. Farther down, his cock jutted out from his body hard as a rock. He would have cursed but a ball gag was stuffed in his mouth.

Oh, yeah. Honey had been a busy naughty girl.
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