Sunday, 24 January 2010

Pondering bullying…

Just recently we had a talk at work about bullying and harassment. It was a good talk and well overdue. It was also about all the do’s and don’ts about internet use and company email and as suspected I’m a big old ‘don’t.’ I like anything that has ‘don’t’ in the sentence ‘cause I instantly want to do it.

But bullying? It sucks. It’s wrong. What fascinates me about the talk we had is that I have found out someone who attended the talk is bullying a subordinate – when I say subordinate I don’t mean a lesser person…I mean someone who is not in a high-faluting position of management….management in itself does not mean people can manage…it just means they won the game of musical chairs and was the last person to put their arse on a seat…a bit like me…I was the last person standing if you like.

Anyway, I am watching a situation that is making my hackles rise and knowing me as well as I do I know I’m going to be jumping into it on Monday and speaking my mind to point out the error of someone’s ways. I expect this won’t go over well and I know it will cause people – men - to be pissed off at me but there it is. Yeah, I could back away but it’s not my nature. I cannot let someone by dragged under by nitwits. Can you?
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