Sunday, 3 January 2010

Mad urges…

…I love ‘em. I follow ‘em. A couple of weeks ago I was outside chopping, hacking and slashing in the garden. I was sweaty and hot and bleeding from various cuts to my hands and I thought to myself…“I need a holiday.” I’ve been a bit run down of late – okay, a lot if blood tests are anything to go by – so I’m hauling my fat arse off to Port Douglas, tropical north Queensland, tomorrow in an attempt to relax. Relax? Oh please – there’s four mile beach to walk back and forward, the rainforest of the Daintree to hike, adventure trails to take, intensive shopping…who has time to relax?

In the meantime the blog will not be empty. I have a bunch of talented guests lined up for the check 'em out.
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Sandra Cox said...

Just what exactly were your blood test results, mate?