Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Stupidity and avarice…

I work with money every day. That’s my job. I manage money. I’m good at it. Ever since I was a kid I understood the power and responsibility of money.

What I don’t understand are people/companies who through stupidity and avarice take the money others have earned and mismanage it to the point where no one knows what the fuck is happening with it. Their response to ‘where the bloody hell is my money’ is no response. It’s the head in the sand approach. ‘If we pretend we can’t see or hear then it’s not our fault.’ In a world where we can tag emails with delivery and read receipts, this approach is naïve and plain dumb. Own up to what you have stuffed up.

Here’s what I believe, if you cannot manage money then don’t. Pay someone who can. If the temptation of using someone else’s money on frivolous crap or to prop yourself up on the vague hope you will trade your way out of trouble is wrong. Honestly and integrity are simple concepts but amazingly they have worked for centuries and they invoke trust. When you lose trust in a business you never regain it.

In business and can’t manage money? Well stay the fuck away from it. It’s a pretty simple concept.
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