Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Angels among us...

I went to the doctor’s today to have some skin cancers burnt off – not an unusual occurrence if you live in Australia. The sun can tear the hide right off you. Anyway, Fairy Floss – my doctor – so called because she is very new age and existential – did said burning. To stop me swearing as she was doing it – I really wanted to swear when the one on my temple was done – she started talking about angels. No, my life is not normal neither are the people in it but I like that. She said to me ‘are you aware you are one of the angels greatest achievements?' My response? “Jeez I’d hate to see a mediocre attempt by them.”

Despite being a heathen atheist, which I enjoy as it allows me to do a lot of stuff guilt free, I do believe in angels and I agreed with her that those beings do push people into our paths when we need them the most, no matter how much we push them away. Just a shame the angels insist on painful Dr’s appointments to remind us of stuff like this…little buggers...

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan


Sandra Cox said...

Did Fairy get everything.
I just saw this blog by the way. But I know you figured that out:) grin.