Friday, 7 May 2010

Bloody hell…

the head cold from hell is back. How much can a koala bear I ask you? Anyway, I hauled myself to the supermarket to buy cough syrup. Have you ever read the instructions on some of those bottles and packets of cold and flu stuff? “This ‘may’ help.” Or “The ‘possible’ relief of symptoms.” May? Possible? I demand deadly chemicals to surge through my body searching and destroying disease and possibly scarring my insides for life as they ravage even the slightest indication of illness. Is that too much to ask? As I was reading labels, this mother with a trail of kids wandered past and the mother said to one of them “I am not taking you to the toilet no matter how much you beg, Paris.” Well, first up – who the hell seriously names a kid Paris unless they want them to grow up useless – and second – if the kid needs to go to the loo take her. I for one do not need a sprog (child) peeing in the aisles of the supermarket.

And now I am home, several swigs of heavy duty kill-all-germs cough syrup later and the Bold and the Beautiful is on in the background on TV and Katie Logan is saying to whoever her husband is “I can’t live without you.” Has the world gone mad? Kids called Paris? Possible maybes? Of course she can bloody live without whoever he is and let’s hope Paris made it to the loo.

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Sandra Cox said...

Ouch. Sorry you're feeling poorly.