Monday, 17 May 2010

Sex as a weapon…

I posed this question on my facebook page and I got some good replies via it and my personal email. Thank you. One thing I don’t understand, if sex is a weapon and if you know it has the power to deeply wound you then like a shotgun wouldn’t you move away from it before the trigger is pulled? Is sex that important that you would allow yourself to be wounded in the pursuit of it? Where are the self preservation instincts? Are they overridden in the need to scratch an itch? And what sort of person uses sex against someone like that? Sure, I can understand teasing someone to drive them crazy and heighten sexual pleasure but not as a weapon. Who would want a lover like that ‘cause clearly they don’t understand the other person.

If you are using sex as a weapon – stop it. What are you getting out of it? Is one moment of being in power and wounding someone when they are at their most vulnerable and trusting worth it? I think not.

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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Huş said...

amarinda its a big issue a big problem which is a cause of many other problems ....and i found its answer in daniel steel "journey" hope you will read it and find how this motivation of sex make people to decide the path of low self esteem :(