Saturday, 4 August 2007

Ah Saturday...

You know the scene in a sitcom when too much washing power is put into a washing machine by mistake and you wonder is it really possible to be that stupid and would all those bubbles really come out of the machine like that? The answer is yes.

Here’s the thing. Everyone knows Saturday is busy right? I was running around like a mad chook doing boring stuff like cleaning and laundry while jumping online for a chat with some authors and readers. Gidday, to you all by the way. Anyway I dashed down stairs to the laundry at one stage and threw clothes into the washing machine. In my haste I managed to knock the carton of washing powder (maybe you call it laundry detergent?) into the machine with powder going everywhere. Maybe I swore a bit or alot - it's all subjective. Anyway I looked into the machine and decided in my infinite wisdom – nah, it will be alright. There’s not that much powder in there. After the chat finished, I wandered back down stairs to hang out the washing. Yep, you guessed it, frigging soap bubbles everywhere. The floor of the laundry was a winter wonderland. Again maybe some swearing issued from my sweet lips but I believe everyone should have a second language. But cultural diversity aside, I did not have time for this. I stamped my dainty flat feet several times as I am wont to do. I don’t know why I do this as it never does much to help the situation and it is not like magical pixies come and solve my problems. Elves turn up but they are not as good. So I set to and cleaned up the bubbles. Yes, the laundry area is now sparkling clean but I wasted nearly an hour because I was in a careless rush. Moral of the story? Well there is none other than to say everyone, no matter who they are, is time strapped. So next time you say to someone I am busy or use that as some half arsed excuse as to why you have not done something, remember everyone is in the same boat - the busy excuse is not going to fly.

I get the cement slab for my water tank on Tuesday. Yes, terribly exciting for me. Boring as all get out for you. But getting the slab is one step closer to having the rain water tank and once I have that I know the heavens will open up and it will rain and break this bloody drought. I have faith. I also have been waiting since April for this bloody tank. They are as scarce as hen’s teeth. People have been nicking them and selling them for ridiculous profits. I love money. Truly I do. But I do no believe in stealing to get it. On the news the other day someone stole a disabled lady's motorised scooter. She had no other way to get around because some selfish, scumbags took it. Why are we breeding people like this of have no respect for others? I have any two words to these selfish sods. Karmic Wheel. It will swing around and knock you flat on your arse and you will have no one to turn to and I will happily say I told you so.

Results of the last quiz – You are trapped in the lift with a gorgeous man. You all gave the answer I wanted to hear (I am sure some of you only did it for suck up value) -which was hope he had read chapter 2 of Because I Can. You are all incredibly intelligent but you know that. However there was one joker who said she/he would hum to the elevator music. Excellent. I love quirky people. Not sure how I feel about hummers, though there was this persistent happy whistling man when I was grocery shopping the other night. That was a tad annoying and I was forced to buy chocolate due to the stress of listening to his merry tune. In cases like this everyone knows the calories do not count.
Remember to catch up with the latest Emmeline, twins, peeler blog serial news with Anny on I will admit I have had a sneak preview and Kelly has her work cut out for her when she delivers her instalment on Monday – As you know the serial rests on Sunday as our brains hurt from thinking.

Thief of Mine - out now...go on the run with a thief.
It's not unusual for the bride to have sex on her wedding day. But when the bride is begging for another man to take her hard and fast in front of a startled bridesmaid, that's unusual. Not that Stella Rowallan wanted to watch. She walked in on it and now she can't walk out. The man taking the bride is bad, wild and hot. Stella knows she should be appalled. But she's not. She wants him. What is it with bad boys that make them so damn good?
But all bad boys have a past and Kit Kincaid is no different. He is a self-confessed thief who likes to have sex in wild, daring places. And Stella Rowallan is just his type of woman — shockable, yet willing. But he has a problem. A freaky witch woman and her followers are chasing him for a stolen stone idol. Kit has it and he plans to sell it. Can he have both Stella and the idol or does something have to give?

Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


anny cook said...

Heh,heh,heh. I could have saved you the trouble and told you that the sit-com episode is based on fact. Only in my case I got to clean the garage as that's where my washer and dryer were parked. Soooo sorry that put a kink in your day!

Kelly Kirch said...

Never made the mistake myself, but I'm still cruisin' on that "more scare than hen's teeth." I love that.