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Lust in Time released...

When Arabella Smith wakes up on the floor of a strange house in 1888 she is gob-smacked. When the shock of waking up back in time wears off and she meets the original owner of the book in her hand—the book that she suspects is the reason why she is no longer in the 21st century—Arabella begins to believe it is her mission to help Amy Louisa and then get back to the mod cons of 2008 as soon as possible.
However Garrett Robillard has other plans for Arabella. He knows why she is in 1888 and it has everything to do with him. Arabella is the mystery lover he has been dreaming about for the last three weeks. She is the woman for him. Garrett just needs to convince her of that.
Arabella’s plan was not to fall in love and have hot sex with Garrett especially as she knows time is fickle and she can be thrown back into the future without warning. But what can a girl do when she is faced with the man of her dreams and the past is really her future?
Lust in Time has been released! Let the pigeons loose…or maybe not as they can be messy. Pigeons? Lust? What the hell am I talking about you ask? Is it a book about amorous birds? No, Lust in Time is about two lusty individuals whom fate has brought together for all the right reasons but in 1888. Click on the cover and have a squiz at the book on the Total-E-Bound site or take a read of the excerpt below. But please be warned – this is an adult excerpt. If contains sex and swear words.

The adult excerpt...
When Arabella caught the other set of eyes fixed on her she froze to the spot. Somehow
she knew this man with the ash blond hair but she was not sure how. A feeling of heat
suffused her body as she looked at him. They had shared a moment somewhere, somehow, and he was important to her but how exactly? Her eyes roamed his tall lean body as she searched for answers. He was dressed stylishly but simply in a well cut grey serge jacket, vest, starched white shirt and a tie and his long legs were encased in grey serge trousers—yet the fabric could not hide the bulk of a large cock dressed to the left. Arabella stiffened suddenly and looked back up at the man’s face. Grey eyes and blond hair. Holy crap! This was the man with the cock.
“Oh my god it’s you!” It was the man from her dream. He was standing before her and
she was utterly gob smacked. Her heart was pounding like she had run ten miles in a minute and she could barely speak through shock. Dream lovers were just that—part of a dream. They weren’t supposed to turn up in reality—but then her reality had taken a sharp ninety degree turn so she was no expert of what was real at the moment.
“Yes it is me.” His eyes were shining in a mixture of happiness and desire. “My wish has
come true.”
“Wish? What wish? Who are you?” And why was he looking at her as if she had
somehow made his day? Arabella could barely work out what was going on in her own day let alone having time to contribute to another’s.
“You don’t remember me?” Garrett looked at her teasingly as he walked over to her.
Arabella looked up at the man mountain before her and blushed. She remembered one
thing about him only too well. He was the man who had driven her to her knees in passion. He was a man who was not supposed to exist. She looked over to where Maud and Aggie were chatting to the storekeeper. At least they appeared oblivious to what was going on with their guest time traveller. Arabella closed her eyes in the hope that when she opened them he would not be there and she would be in her own home in 2008. But he was there and she was still there.
“You were a dream.” A hot, sexy, toe curling dream that made her sigh and wonder but
still a dream.
“No I am very much a reality—your reality as you are mine.”
Arabella’s eyes opened wide in amazement. The man with the cock was talking yours and mine stuff when Arabella had trouble doing her own single act by herself.
“What the hell are you talking about?” Reverting to snappy bitch form was her best
defence when she had no idea what was going on.
“I need to talk to you in private.”
A sudden wild thought shot into Arabella’s head. She had the feeling she had told him
sometime, somewhere that she loved him and he had said it back. Freaky! Arabella had never told anyone that she loved them before, mainly because there had never been anyone to say it to. So why would she have spoken such words to him?
“Look, I am sure you are just part of some subconscious mind overload I had just before I
came hurtling back in time. You are a dream. I want you to vanish to wherever dreams go.”
“Touch me, I am not a dream and you know it.”
“I don’t know anything at the moment.” As for touching him? That was just asking for
trouble. Eyes off the cock! Not like you have never seen a cock before.
“Arabella, you will talk to me now or I will make it very difficult for you.”
He knew her name? What was his name? She stopped dead. Garrett. Frigging hell his name was Garrett something or other. She had no idea what was going on but she knew she wanted no part of this until she could think clearly—and how could he possibly make it any more difficult? She was a twenty-first century woman wearing a corset talking to a dream man she very likely had sex with who might or might not exist in a time she did not belong in. More difficult? I think not.
“Just get away from me.” Arabella stepped back and hit a shelf of dry goods behind her.
Although she felt no actual malicious threat from him there was something about him that
scared her—something that was all too real.
“You know I can’t, Arabella.” Garrett reached out and stroked her face gently. “I love
“What are you nuts?” Arabella pushed his hand away. The face stroking had been nice
up until the declaration of love. “You don’t even know me! The only thing I remember about you is you are a part of a dream and you have a very large cock. It’s not the basis for a relationship.”
Garrett chuckled at her words.
“I am glad to hear you enjoyed being with me, honey. I hope to be spending more time
with you and inside you soon.”
A hot flush shot through Arabella’s body at his words. Inside you soon. Arabella slapped
her own face to pull her back to reality—such as it was at the moment. The pain assured her this was the truth and this man was not a dream. But what then? Had her life suddenly
become like an episode of Lost?
“Great cock or not, back off, buddy.”
“I need to talk to you,” Garrett said as he reached over and grabbed her elbow. “Come
with me now or else.”
“Or else what?” What could he possibly do to make her act against her own will?
Garrett leant down and whispered close to Arabella.
“I’ll tell everyone you dropped naked to you hands and knees and begged me to fuck
you hard and fast.”
Arabella’s eyes opened wide in horror. Oh crap. Now she remembered. She had done
exactly that and he had done exactly that. Part of her knew she should be denying what
happened or challenging him over the truth. However deep down inside where it counted she knew in her heart she had been with him and this was no dream. But that did not mean she had to go along with him and his plans. It was freaky enough being in 1888 without having to deal with someone who was supposed to exist only in a dream.
“You wouldn’t. This is 1888 and a gentleman would never do anything as vulgar as that
to embarrass a lady.” Granted the Rainey sisters were open-minded what with time travelers dropping in but she knew they would most likely be horrified at such sluttish behaviour.
“I’m not a gentlemen, honey.” Garrett’s voice was low and husky. “I will give you until
the count of three. One—”
“No!” Arabella exclaimed softly through gritted teeth as she stamped her booted heel.
She wasn’t going to be pushed into anything. “We have nothing to talk about.”
“Oh but we do. Two—”
“Fuck off,” Arabella hissed, shivering as the warm breath from his mouth touched her
“Three.” He looked at Arabella meaningfully. “Can I have everyone’s attention please?”
Arabella grabbed Garrett’s arm quickly. Pushy bastard.
“Okay.” Her eyes shot daggers into his.
“Excellent.” Garrett turned and looked at the other people in the store. “I just wanted to
say good day to you all.” He held out his arm for Arabella. She latched on, her eyes narrowed with anger.
The Rainey sisters nodded and smiled as their curious gazes went to Arabella as if trying
to assess what was going on.
“You are the son of a motherless goat,” Arabella snapped quietly as Garrett started to
escort her from the store.
“Are you all right, Arabella?” Maud looked at her visitor with concern.
“I’m just fine, Maud. I’ll be back presently.” Arabella could see the two sisters smile and
exchange significant looks. “Oh great, no doubt they are thinking bloody destiny and frigging paths,” she muttered under her breath.

Thief of Mine – Review – thanks to Steph at Coffee Time Romance
A highly stimulating tale, Thief of Mine kept me engrossed from beginning to end. Ms. Jones created an interesting world that jumps off the pages, making the reader feel as if they were there with the characters. The love scenes are fan-worthy hot, while the adoration between Kit and Stella clearly shows through. Amarinda Jones is a wonderful storyteller and I’m looking forward to her future works. A wonderful tale I would recommend to anyone, get your copy of

Did you read Kelly’s take on Emmeline on www.kkirch.blogspot? Bloody hell. I have a surprise in store for my two yankee mates on tomorrow’s blog. Whatever will Anny – do on Wednesday? Oh dear, maybe it would be bad to surprise them so? But then what is it they say? Good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere else.


Kelly Kirch said...

I love the premise of this AJ. I also like that she's no wimp. Nice to see a strong woman, strong man relationship. Congratulations on the release, er, BOOK release.

As for the blog, bring it, baby. Ain't nothin' I's sceared of.

Molly said...

I need to get my butt (or fingers!) in gear and keep up with y'all...yeah, I'm working on #8 (and more), but only 2 pubbed...

I'm getting this one as well! AJ, if you hear thunder coming from the Pacific, it's my hubby when he sees how many e-books I've bought in the past month! So far, it's been 2, but 5 more are on the wish list...and it keeps growing:)

anny cook said...

Love time travels. Congrats on the wonderful review. And give it your best shot with the blog serial. I've got it covered!