Monday, 6 August 2007

Time please...

I had a crisis this morning. It was terrible. I felt sick and concerned and I was wondering how the hell I would get through the day – and a Monday to boot. I told myself to be calm, to be rational and that I would get through this. I mean I had lost it before and I had always found it. I would find it again. So what if I went through the whole day without it? I am strong. I can cope. It’s just a watch for god sake. A watch you ask? That’s what you went into a tizz about? Well yes. If you are a chronic clock watcher it’s a bloody big deal.

To be honest though, I never look at the clock at home – only at work – and no guesses why there. I am one of these people who always goes to breaks, lunch and home on time. I don’t understand how at knock off time people are still working. What is that about? Oh sure I understand the concept of dedication but what is the point of still working when it’s quitting time? It’s not like any medals are going to be handed out for meritorious service for staying back late. When I used to sit beside my other good friend, let’s call her Katie, come 2:15pm it was knock off time for her. It was understood that if you got in Katie’s way she would kill you as no one stopped her from going on home on time. I understood this dedication. Katie was, and is, not a woman you mess with. She also had a preference for parking over several car spots instead of the normal one so "no bastard would scratch her car." Few challenged her parking skills and lived to tell the tale. Ah, I miss working with dedicated people such as Katie. Like Katie, my theory is when the dance is over- go home. No one's last dying breath was “gee I wish I stayed at work later.” Be like Citizen Kane and say something cryptic like Rosebud and confuse the hell out of the people who love you.

So, I found my watch and went to work. When I got in I was asked to choose what colour business card I wanted. What the hell do I need with a business card? Who am I going to give it to? Skippy, my assistant, is pissed because she is not getting a business card. Why I don’t know. It’s not like it’s a status symbol. Is it? Anyway I chose a wild crimson coloured business card while everyone else chose blue. I figure I have no idea what I am going to do with them so they may as well look amazing anyway.

Dear Amarinda, this is your horoscope for Monday, August 6th:
Scorpio,Today you’ll feel the need to run away from daily routine; you may decide to put in order that pile of paperwork you’ve been ignoring. In the Love sphere, if you're single, look around you because what you are looking for may be closer than you imagine.

Translation -
-Today you’ll feel the need to run away from daily routine – do not go to work. Stay at home and finish the latest book and eat popcorn instead of healthy fruit.
- you may decide to put in order that pile of paperwork you’ve been ignoring – do the tax that is piled up on your kitchen table or not – depending on mood. This one needs a degree of interpretation and can be only considered after a bowl of popcorn.
- In the Love sphere, if you're single, look around you because what you are looking for may be closer than you imagine – this is not going to happen I am PMS’ing and no man deserves that fate and if he is that close he will know that. Switch immediately from popcorn to chocolate as it is a dependable true love.

Did you read Anny’s take on our Emmeline, peeler, twin, virgin saga? No? Did you lose your watch and was too stressed to think about it? That’s okay, I understand. Go immediately now to Anny in her infinite wisdom has the entire series – in case you have missed an episode on her website – It is Kelly’s turn now so once you catch up with Anny – rush over to to see what she has landed me in this time when I take up the challenge on Tuesday.

Lust in Time – released August 27th through Total-E-Bound books…it’s about lust, time travel and a woman that just wants to go home to the 21st Century or does she?
When Arabella Smith wakes up on the floor of a strange house in 1888 she is gob-smacked.

When the shock of waking up back in time wears off and she meets the original owner of the book in her hand—the book that she suspects is the reason why she is no longer in the 21st century—Arabella begins to believe it is her mission to help Amy Louisa and then get back to the mod cons of 2008 as soon as possible.

However Garrett Robillard has other plans for Arabella. He knows why she is in 1888 and it has everything to do with him. Arabella is the mystery lover he has been dreaming about for the last three weeks. She is the woman for him. Garrett just needs to convince her of that.

Arabella’s plan was not to fall in love and have hot sex with Garrett especially as she knows time is fickle and she can be thrown back into the future without warning. But what can a girl do when she is faced with the man of her dreams and the past is really her future?


Kelly Kirch said...

I think my parting shot shall be "Pharwally". It means absolutely nothing and unlike Rosebud does not even relate to a toy of my youth like a snow sled. Nope. Pharwally. Let them ponder that into eternity. I will have done my duty to confound them all.

anny cook said...

I wonder if I'll have time for a last word. Maybe it will be Helen. Or Amarinda. Or Kelly. No, I know! It'll be Emmeline!

Amarinda Jones said...

I am going to say..."Where is my peeler?"

Kelly Kirch said...