Friday, 31 August 2007

When we last left the blog serial on Kelly gave our heroine Louella kinetic powers…wasn’t that nice of her?

Kelly’s last paragraph...

His gaze steady, Louella could only offer a forced smile, faking lightheartedness where she felt none. She glanced back at the Scrabble board. Sam stared at her hard and her eyes flicked to the word he’d spelled out…

The new episode from Amarinda…

Jonas could see from where he stood what the word was. Shindari. Sam was cunning. He knew that Louella would be confused by the word. Only one of the Brotherhood would know what it meant. Jonas met Louella’s eyes blankly. She must never know who he really was. Some truths did not always set up free. Some could kill you. This was one of them. Jonas was going to keep Louella Hawkins alive. He had plans for her. And so it appears did Sam. But there was no way Jonas would let Sam shindari Louella. She was his woman. He would have both her and the purple box.

“What the bloody hell does shindari mean?” Louella looked from Sam to Jonas. “Sounds like a Japanese foot massage.” She knew exactly what it meant of course. Her kinetic power was not the only thing she had inherited from her grandmother. Louella could read minds as well. There was no way anyone from the Brotherhood was going to shindari her. She had her pride.

Jonas smiled as he came down the stairs. “Shindari means luck.”

The real meaning certainly rhymed with luck. Louella smiled back at Jonas, a man she knew did not smile unless he wanted something. Louella had done extensive research on him. She was certain he did not have a clue that she was playing the part of the frightened victim. As soon as they let their guards down she would grab the purple box and be gone.

Louella neatly placed her tiles on the scrabble board. “Bollocks,” she announced as the letters spelt out the word.

Check out to see what red herring Anny throws in tomorrow.

I got smacked in the face today. Did I upset someone? No. I just happened to walk by at the exact moment when one of the warehouse guys shot his hand out wildly as he gestured. I got snotted, as we would say in Australia and it hurt. He was naturally very upset and once I could focus properly I told him it was okay. Well, maybe not okay as it hurt so much my eyes watered but accidents happen and people make mistakes. Who hasn’t? I cannot begin to count the amount of mistakes I have made. Some of them have been beauties. But I don’t allow them to define me as I know I will make more and life is too short to be beating yourself up over mistakes. So I am a little sore and sorry but I am fairly certain several glasses of plonk (wine) will help the pain.

I got edits back on Marlow’s Curse. It’s the vampire sequel to Shades of Gray which is released 6th February. Check out the blurb below and let me know what you think. Edits are always interesting. I wrote this book several months ago. Of course I remember the story but every so often when editing I read over my words and think…what the? I wrote that? Was I on drugs? Or other times I think damn that’s good. (You see I love me). Edits are also the time I realize I can’t remember why split infinitives are so bad, that I must spell in American-English for my US publisher and English-English for my UK publisher and that Aussie slang in books confuses everyone but Aussies. It is enough to drive you to drink.

I was just outside doing the laundry. It’s after 6pm and it’s just getting dark. My laundry is under the house. Houses in Queensland are built on tall stumps that elevate the house for cooling breezes in summer, to give more living space and to alleviate flooding rains. Er, that is when we have rain. Anyway, dressed in my bright pink pj’s (too tired and sore to paint the town red tonight. I could probably manage a sleepy beige) I have been wandering back and forward putting through loads of washing. Because of the drought the garden has gone to hell in a handbag. The native plants are hanging on but the rest are slowly dying. This kills the gardener in me but what can you do? Water is precious. There is however one plant that if thriving. It’s a big ugly arsed weed that had sprouted in the middle of my dead backyard lawn. It’s quite magnificent with his shiny green leave and white flowers. I am not going to pull it out. Yes it is a weed but the thing is it is proof of life. Sure, ugly life, but I admire it for growing when everything else around it is dying.

Please check out the blog on Monday when I have Claire Siemaszkiewicz the publisher of Total-E-Book books on the blog. I am looking forward to it. Total-E-Bound is the new kid on Romance block and they have this really good book just released called Lust in Time.

And speaking of things to look forward to – tomorrow Anny Cook gives us a sneak peek preview of her September Ellora’s Cave release – Everything Lovers Can Know. It’s hot! So come, check it out.

Marlow’s Curse - The blurb - coming soon through Ellora's Cave

Legend has it that if a St Michael witch is not willing no man can take her without suffering the consequences. Sybylla is the last St Michael witch. She knows that when a St Michael witch falls in love her lover becomes her weakness and the witch becomes his downfall. Sybylla will not allow her fate to destroy a man. But some men are hard to resist.

Marlow is not just any man. He is a vampire, cursed centuries ago to wander aimlessly through life believing he does not deserve more. When he meets Sybylla one moonlit night two lonely worlds collide. Marlow is aware of the legend but that doesn’t mean he is going to let a myth get in the way of deep enduring passion.

But Marlow is not the only one who wants Sybylla. A demon pursues her wanting vengeance and Scar will stop at nothing to make her pay. Will Sybylla sacrifice her own future happiness to vanquish the demon and save Marlow? Can a willing witch and a cursed vampire beat the odds?
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


anny cook said...

I admire weeds that thrive when everything else around them is dying. When you think about it, that's what survival of the fittest is all about. Enjoy that plant. It will be around long after we're gone.

I hope you're feeling better today!

Kelly Kirch said...

Me too. Like an idea that won't shake loose, a mind weed.

I actually like the prologue to Marlow's Curse, if for no other reason than to cause a chuckle. And because I know it made your eyes cross with shock when you saw it again. LOL.

Hope your eye feels better. We have a long weekend here with Monday off. Maybe you can take the day in spirit of your American friends and publisher??

Molly said...

I know how painful an unexpected bash to the face is. Hope your face recovers quickly from it's ordeal, and that you have a good weekend:)