Sunday, 26 August 2007

To bare arse or not…

Lust in Time - Released 27th August - It's all about time travel, lust and love in 1888. What can a girl do when she is faced with the man of her dreams and the past is really her future? Click on the cover and check it out.
Ethel (one of my best friends and no, not her real name) and I won lotto Saturday night. I bought the ticket so I feel it was my luck that got us the win. Ethel was just happy to hear the news. So we’re in the money…all $23.90 of it. Okay so it’s not a lot but the thing is that I have bought another ticket for Tuesday night with the winnings and we are bound to win that. See the logic? Hope springs eternal and Ethel and I will clutch at whatever straws we have to. Apart from the usual reasons for winning money – pay the mortgage, new cars, holidays etc, Ethel wants to exact revenge. I am not entirely against this as being a Scorpio I like and understand revenge. Ethel basically wants to go down to the office we once worked out – let’s call the company Promptel – and give one particular manager, who treated her very badly, a hard time. Her dreams sequence is win the lotto – pick me up in the limo – head to downtown Bris-vegas and shout abuse at, let’s call him Warren (read the manager in Because I Can) and stick her bare arse out the window and moon him – all this of course while she is drunk. I have pointed out that I am happy to do the limo and drinking thing with her - and while I understand what that little…er…individual (I was going to say prick but that may offend) did to her - sticking ones arse out the window and shouting obscenities lacks class. Added to that holding on to a glass of plonk(wine) whilst balancing said butt out the window may be tricky. Ethel concedes this but she wants to do it anyway. Thrillseeker.

Got an email from Svetlana, no not her real name. You might remember her. She is the friend who was not worried about terrorists when going overseas. She was worried about the availability oyster sauce. You’ll be happy to know the oyster sauce situation is under control and she has access to it. Whew. Worried about that…not. She would be in Moscow now. She emailed me to make me jealous of her travels as good friends are supposed to. I was in Moscow in 1984. Correct, I was a mere child at the time. It was before walls came down and the soviet countries opened up to the capitalism of the west. I loved travelling in Russia and I would love to do it all again. I would however hate to see a Westernised Russia lose its unique identity. I think it’s a shame that too many countries trade their national identity for the corporate dollar. I see it to a lesser extent here in OZ due to television programming, music and pseudo celebrities that try to push half arsed fads where they want everyone to act, think and talk alike. Yes, the world is smaller but let’s keep our own identities and not all become simulated people with our baseballs caps on backwards and a t-shirt with fizzy drink logo as a fashion statement.

Of course you would have read Anny’s Emmeline instalment on I particularly loved the lines…
The barbs on her quills pierced his phallax.With a final bellow of pain, Shade fainted.
Beautiful, poignant, confusing. Tomorrow make sure you go to as you know Grasshopper will have some weird arsed yet poetic response.

Prophecy of Vithan by Charlene Leatherman - out now through Cerridwen Press

Morgan had the life she dreamed of all her life. Although still a brothel slave, the king and queen treated her like a free woman, and the prince she was training was like a son to her.
Then everything goes to hell. Morgan is forced into a marriage with a man she can not respect or admire. Her prince is missing and the king and queen are killed. Morgan is blamed for the murder. Morgan’s primary concern is to find Prince Khai.
The only thing slowing Morgan down is the prophecy about her saving the galaxy, remaining a virgin, and that damn electric attraction she feels every time Len touches her.

Len had his orders. The ones everyone knew about and the other ones. Marry his soul-mate and consummate the marriage and determine if his new wife was the original Morgan Taj Zephyrain. The first he looked forward to. The second he preferred to ignore.
Morgan is accused of murdering the king and queen. Prince Khai is missing. Obviously, Morgan Taj Zephyrain is the criminal Len is seeking. It is Len’s job to bring the murderer to justice.

Coming soon – September though Ellora’s cave
Everything Lovers Can Know - Prequel to Mystic Valley Series by Anny Cook

From the time they were children Baron and Jade were heart-bonded and mind-linked. But children don’t stay young forever and when they reach adulthood, they yearn for more than a mind-link. They yearn for the bond of physical love.

When Jade’s secret plan to seduce Baron backfires, their families separate them using coercion and blackmail. Jade goes on to a successful career as a musician while Baron completes medical school and begins his internship.

Now, three years later Jade has a new plan to end their separation. Baron arrives at the isolated cabin where Jade is waiting to find out once and forever if the fierce longings and desire they had for each other before are enough to make them truly two-as-one.

Coming soon – Cerridwen Press
To Love a Hero – Mona Risk

Dr. Cecile Lornier is an ambitious chemist who fought hard to win and keep her first international contract. She travels to Belarus to coordinate the environmental cleanup and literally starts her contract on the wrong foot as she stumbles on the broken escalator of the airport. When a muscular chest cushions her fall, she finds more chemistry than she bargains for in the arms of the handsome Major General of Belarus.
The widowed Sergei has pledged to clean his country of the pollution left by the Chernobyl disaster. With a glass of vodka in his hand and the lovely Cecile nestled in his arms, Sergei has more on his mind now than nuclear pollution, and Cecile soon learns that chemicals are not the only things that generate heat.
The general doubts he can fulfill his mission if he surrenders his heart while Cecile fights his chauvinistic officers to perform her contract. Soon she will have to choose between betraying Sergei's trust or abandoning him to the evil plot of his hateful ex-father-in-law.


anny cook said...

Wow, Mona! That sounds wonderful! And Charlene as you know I've already enjoyed the Prophecy of Vithan. We're quite a group. Amarinda, I would like to witness Ethel's revenge, though I think I would NOT like to be in the limo! And I completely agree with you about the westernizing of other countries. Even in the USA, local areas are losing their identities and accents which is sad. As you said, too much tv.

Kelly Kirch said...

I went to Russia in 94, also a child, and loved it. At that time the statues of Lenin had been removed or defaced. My group and I took classes at the University of Moscow (gorgeous and all the campuses are identical throughout the city!) and did extensive traveling.**think I mentioned the trip with the ridiculous weedy boy who tried to jump my bones after I had two glasses of champagne and 14 shots of vodka provided by my professor on an empty stomach?? My friends had be drink tap water to barf it up so I wouldn't get poisoning. I was drunk, sounded sane. Next day I KNEW I was a dumba$$** Anyway, Petersburg is gloriously beautiful. Highly recommend to any traveler.

Ahh the memories.

Molly said...

Okay,'ve got me intrigued with your prequel. I'll watch for it!