Friday, 17 August 2007

What is happening with Emmeline now?

Okay…my Friday…went to work, chatted on line with friends, ate lunch, wrote paragraphs for the next book, did some work stuff just to keep my hand in and went home bang on time. I did contemplate the need to maybe develop a conscience about my work ethics but I had a strong bucket o’coffee and the need passed. May you enjoy your Friday.

When we left Emmeline she had just asked a hairy blue man if he was the Companion…please read on….

“Yes I am,” he looked at her gravely. “I am also your father, Emmeline.”

“Oh my god!” Emmeline shrieked in amazement.” She had heard her mother talk of having sex with a hairy blue man but she never dreamed she would meet him. “I thought you were dead!”

“Not dead, just resting,” he murmured cryptically. “But we are not safe here. We must get to my cruiser.”

“Your cruiser?”

“My inter-galactic space cruiser.” He looked down into the Abyss. “Your friends all appear to be alive.” He closed his eyes, raised his arms and loud humming came from his armpits. Suddenly Rafe, Shade and Rinalda appeared.

“They’ve turned bright yellow!” Emmeline gasped.

“Zombie juice will do that to you. It usually wears off in two years. Problem is they won’t be able to speak for three days.” He grabbed Emmeline’s arm. “We must hurry. We have no time to lose. Everyone stand on one foot.” They all looked at him. Mortals – always questioning. “I have to transport you with telekinetic power and it makes you lighter if only one foot touches the ground.” They all obediently stood on one foot. One minute they were at the abyss and the next inside a steel hulled cruiser.

A large crimson creature with three toes, slathering jaws and disgusting breath approached them.

“Food?” He looked at the Companion with interest.

“No Reginald – not food.” He turned to the others. He won’t bite – suck you to death but not bite. Reginald – set co-ordinates for planet Zork, there’s a good boy.”

“Zork? We’ll all be killed” Emmeline knew that was the closest planet to burning hell of Sharmar.

“You can’t expect to live forever my dear.”

Emmeline was agog at his cavalier manner. “What do I call you?”

“My name is Fleetfoot…Floyd Fleetfoot.”

“Oh my god – you’re the one that killed good Queen Zamidor!”

I have heard people demanding to know when Kelly Kirch has her first book out. I have the scoop. Marriage Mart is a Regency-Set Historical Romance being released from Cerridwen Press December 13, 2007! Mark your calenders now! Be the second, after me, to snap it up.

Marriage Mart – Kelly Kirch

Having resurrected his family from near ruin, Lord Marcus Rochester will protect their assets and their reputation at all costs. So when his sister is drawn into a rash adventure, he cannot overlook the scandal certain to ensue.

Lady Ester Richmond enjoys the freedom of running her father's country estate, uninhibited by the irrational whims of a husband. But Lady Ester is betrothed against her will and her father is determined to see her wed. So with the help of Marcus' sister, Ester masquerades as a young lord to expose her betrothed's secrets and thwart the engagement.

But Ester's father has a pressing reason to see his daughter wed. Secrets are coming out of the woodwork and someone is determined to make the Richmond family pay. As Ester and Marcus butt heads even while disaster swells, they discover a mounting passion for each other that cannot be ignored in the shadow of danger and deception.

Anny Cook's Traveller’s Refuge is available through Ellora’s Cave now. It’s the sequel to Dancer’s Delight available through Cerridwen Press now. Buy them and you will love them.

Traveller’s Refuge

Framed and running for his life, Traveller Devereaux decides to follow his missing brother Dancer, using the clues he left behind when he disappeared. They lead Traveller to the mysterious Mystic Valley where the people are blue, the flora and fauna are decidedly odd, and the mating customs are definitely different.

On his journey to the Valley, he is injured in a serious accident that traps him in a cave with his best friend, Bishop. Bish finds the hidden tunnel leading to the valley and takes Traveller to safety. Trav’s slow recovery allows him much needed time to adjust to the valley and fall in love with Wrenna, the woman chosen as his bond mate. When he finds out that she is related to the man who murdered his parents and siblings, he must choose between the woman he loves and her murderous grandfather.

Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


anny cook said...

Good Queen Zamidor? Reginald? Floyd Fleetfoot? Sigh. I need a drink.

Molly said...

I was hoping for something tantalizing about the double phallix...

Kelly Kirch said...

Yeah, she wimped out on that, but BOY she sure made up for it with the rest of her story. LOL!!

And, they're demanding my book, eh? Wish I had your sources. But as it only strokes my ego, I choose to believe you 100%.

Molly said...

You will be happy to know that I FOUND the EC story I started last year! Went to storage unit to get camping gear; made the comment to oldest son about where the box labeled 'Bedside Books' was located; turned around and there it was! Notebook right on top, after ripping off the duct tape...will begin work on it next week!!

anny cook said...

Excellent! I expect to hear from you soon!

Amarinda Jones said...

Anny...yes, a drink is good - I like the name Floyd Fleetfoot and it's not like you are not up to the challenge peeler woman

Kelly..would I lie? And what is this 'wimp' crap...don't make me come over there

Molly-have you seen a double phallax? Boring. And I want to see that EC book out there!

Kelly Kirch said...

Kudos Molly! When will you finish it? I'm eager to see what you're made of. :)

AJ, you promise?