Sunday, 19 August 2007

Boring is as boring does...

As I was cleaning carrot juice off the ceiling – no, don’t ask – I thought about all the non-exciting things we do in life like cleaning up mess. Someone recently wrote that their life was boring and they had nothing of any note to talk or write about. I am in two minds about this. Yes, life can be bum numbingly boring sometimes. I am telling you nothing new there. Sometimes the only thing keeping you going is putting one foot in front of the other and the fact you have to eat or you will starve. What an exciting picture. But if you really look past all the boring work crap or kitchen sink dramas or domestic upheaval there are a lot of subtle, crazy things going on that I think we sometimes fail to notice.

Do you ever look at the people around you and think – bloody hell they are weird. How long have they been like this and what does that say about me for hanging out with them? That’s something interesting in your life. Something to talk and write about. But then I find most people fascinating even my irritating assistant Skippy because beneath that morose exterior of hers there has to be a story and why is it that she is in my life at this moment annoying the crap out of me? Am I just lucky or paying for past sins? Maybe there is a few of those floating around. No, I am not about to get all existential. It is Sunday after all. But all I say is look around you at the people. No one is boring and there is always something you can talk or write about…so write it, say it and don’t think you are boring or you will be. It’s all attitude baby.

People tell me I am ‘lucky’ that I can write books and that my life must be so interesting. I like my life but no one is going to make a movie of the week on it. I think if you are unhappy with what you have in your life you are inclined to feel bored because you are restless. So if you can change it, change it. Don’t sit and be bored. As for being ‘lucky’ I can write – the harder I work the luckier I get. No one is any luckier that any one else. We have to snap out of that mindset.

Anyway as I cleaned the juice away, I made up two lists in my head to keep my mind of the fact I was pissed off at myself that I had not put the lid on the juicer properly….no, I don’t want to talk about it.

Amarinda’s List (Anny and Kelly I expect similar lists from you and don’t tell me to bugger off)

Things I will never be.

1. Tall
2. Naturally blonde
3. Patient
4. Accepting of injustice
5. Able to wear yellow
6. Neat and tidy
7. Able to listen to crap without comment
8. Sweet
9. Perky
10. Able to whistle

Things I will do

1. Lose those last five, annoying bastard like kilos that just keeping hanging on.
2. Mix up cement to repair a broken piece on my patio….just not saying when.
3. Get to the US and get drunk and sloppy with Anny, Kelly and the other Frogs.
4. Find time to sit and read all the excellent e-books I am collecting.
5. Dye my hair purple
6. Clean my car
7. Keep making mistakes and moving on
8. Learn how to juggle
9. Sit and input the family history
10. Keep my shoes in a nice neat row for at least a week.

Holy snapping ducks! Did you read Anny’s entry in the Emmeline blog on These girls are a deadset worry. Lord knows what Grasshopper will come up with on Monday on As always Emmeline takes a rest on Sunday as she is exhausted by all we put her through. If you would like to make a suggestion as to where you would like to see out blog drama go – please only clean, physically possible responses as we are pure of heart - drop me a line on We would love to hear from you. By the way, I am disappointed I never heard from Mr Arnotts CEO about my blatant advertising of Tim Tams. However my email is always open to you Mr A any time you want to talk Tim Tams. I am the forgiving sort when it comes to chocolate.
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anny cook said...

Carrot juice, eh? I once had a turkey that exploded all over the kitchen. That was fun. Turkey grease and dressing are an unbeatable combination, especially when they get down inside the stove, walls, ceiling, floor, between the stove and cabinets... That's a Thanksgiving we'll never forget.

Kelly Kirch said...

I'll still tell you to bugger off. Why? (wait for it) Because. I. Can.

Right then. Things I'll never be:
1. dainty of foot
2. tan
3. prissy
4. Uber stylish

Things I will do:
1. Organize my house
2. finish my wip....still
3. locate local TimTams
4. Get plastered with Anny, AJ and any other adventurous frogs.

That was actually difficult to create. How dare you? It's Sunday after all. A day of rest.

anny cook said...

Hmmm. She likes to make us think.

Things I will never be.

3)young again
5)lacking story ideas

Things I will do.
1)finish Daffodil
2)love my grandchildren
3)walk the dog
4)feed the cat
5)get semi-plastered with AJ, Kelly, and any other daring frogs

Kelly Kirch said...

It's always good to share a goal. :)