Friday, 10 August 2007

Woo hoo Friday...

Like sands through the hourglass...Episode # 23 of Emmeline.
Perfect. She had them exactly where she wanted them. She just had to fling up her skirt to confuse the twins. Men – so predictable. As for Emmeline, that was disappointing. She expected women to be smarter. But then, she wasn’t a virgin guardian.
“And do you know what else he does with the shoe horn?” The three of them stared at her with interest. Rinalda looked around her quickly then leaned in close to whisper. “He puts his shoes on with it.” She smirked triumphantly at their gobsmacked expressions. “You lot are so gullible! You think I give a rat’s arse that anyone sees my ‘Zhazhama.’ It’s not even a real word for god sake. I made it up to see how dumb you were.”

“But…” Rafe looked at her in confusion.

“You’re wondering what happened to the chocolate? That’s just something you’ll have to wonder about.” She laughed at his expression. “As for seeing me naked? Consider yourself privileged to do so.” She poked Rafe in the chest. “And a Guardian virgin is never a slut. We adapt to survive.” Rinalda smiled at Rafe. “We make people think what they want to get what we want.” She looked at Emmeline. “This pair aren’t very bright are they?”

“Nope.” Emmeline was pissed off she fallen for the shoe horn thing but she had to admire the virgin assassin. She was a piece of work. “But I don’t keep them around because they’re smart.”

“Anyway enough of dealing with boys,” murmured Rinalda dismissively. “As my life is in as much danger as yours, I will take you to the Companion but are you prepared for the abyss?”

“The abyss?” Emmeline felt a sudden shiver of fear run down her spine.

“Someone always dies at the abyss. However if we can find a bugle we'll be fine.”

So….what will Anny – do tomorrow? Will she introduce another kitchen implement into the story? And if you missed yesterday’s instalment please go directly to If she are wondering what the heck this is all about go to and read the whole madness from the beginning.

Friday today…you may remember I love Friday. Yes, it’s a common phenomenon. People like Fridays. They are full of possibilities. People always have plans on the weekend so Friday is like lift off. And if you have no other plans than to sit on your bum and contemplate your navel then that’s good too. I believe all the world’s greatest thinkers started out staring at their belly button. I think we can all agree Mondays suck. Mondays are the day I walk into the office to find 27 pink messages on my keyboard and wonder do I know 27 people or are these, as I suspect, 27 problems that will require two bucket-o-coffees? I can only get through Monday with caffeine and personal emails from like minded individuals like my good friend Ethel, no, not her real name, who tells me on a regular basis on a Monday that she is just about to quit. She hasn’t yet but I know she will and it’s always dramatic when she does. If you read Because I Can – and I am sure you have or will as you are all very smart – Vivian is based on Ethel and my other kick arse friend Katie. They are aware of this and they tell everyone how famous they are. Yes, they are slightly insane but I like them.

Tuesday is not as crappy as Monday as I have settled down into writing my latest book in between work dramas. I have to write it in code just in case the powers that be check the computer and think what the hell are we paying her for? Only problem with writing in code, I get home and look at the email I have sent myself I can’t always remember what the code was. Wednesday – hump day – get through this day and you are on the downward slide. This is usually the day when my assistant Skippy starts talking in sentences. Before then she just mumbles the odd word incoherently. Thursday I get a lot of writing done. I have to. This is when I get a sneak preview of the next instalment of the blog serial and I have to follow it with my own instalment. Its weird adding a paragraph on to something that someone else has written, especially if they are ever so slightly insane like Anny and Kelly…no, I did not mean that…much.

So whatever you are doing this weekend - enjoy. If you are working - soldier on. If you are in one of the defence forces or have a loved one who is - then I wish you and them a safe and a speedy return home.

New Release must buy - Travellers Refuge - Anny Cook
Can a blind date ever turn into a meaningful relationship?

Amy Callahan wants to find out

Three months before, she had agreed to go on a blind date with Matt Slagal, who was home on leave from the Air Force. Now, she can’t seem to get him off her mind. When she finds herself holding a free ticket to anywhere in the continental United States, Amy jumps at the chance to fly to California and see if the chemistry between them still exists.
Matt Slagal is ecstatic when he learns Amy is in California. But his past experience with the opposite sex has taught him not to trust women. And when one of his friends makes his move, Matt thinks his fears are confirmed, even though Amy hotly denies anything happened.

For her part, Amy is shocked and stunned at Matt’s attitude. She finally convinces him to see the truth, and learns the reason behind his mistrust. When her visit is over, the relationship is back on solid ground again.

But they soon discover that the miles separating them are just one more obstacle. Matt is still commitment-shy, and the fact his ex-lover still wants him drives a wedge between he and Amy. Finally, fed up with the fact her rival won’t leave her man alone, Amy takes drastic measures to ensure Matt’s fidelity. Will it work? Which one reigns…”Absence makes the heart grow fonder” or “Out of sight, out of mind”?


Kelly Kirch said...

Well, I suppose if I am in the company of other slightly "off" individuals then I can accept that gracefully.

Yay, Anny, by the way.

anny cook said...

Amarinda, words fail me. A bugle? Ah, I suppose it will keep me out of trouble while I dance around celebrating my new release... a bugle?

Kelly Kirch said...

Did I miss the bugle? I have to go back and read it again. I don't remember the bugle except in AJ's WIP where she meant to say he had a bulge in his pants...

Amarinda Jones said...

Yes, as an after thought to keep you girls on your toes I thought what the hell...bung in a bugle and see if they are paying attention