Thursday, 2 August 2007

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Review of Because I Can

Miranda is one tough, intelligent woman with an attitude. She deals with her business and her life with amazing control. I loved the way she made Justin squirm. Justin is charming and panty-wetting handsome. He is a type of man who can win any woman’s heart. Both characters are equally strong and take turns in shocking each other with daring, thrilling proposals. Their amazing combination steam up the surroundings whenever they collide, be it their office or the parking lot! As the story progressed, their sparring grew and developed into fantastic believable love. There were plenty of hot and passionate scenes to get my pulse racing. You can’t help but get lusty, guilty thoughts about bosses and CEOs after this! Along with writing a thoroughly passionate read, Ms. Jones has researched her setting very nicely. It gives the reader a wholesome glimpse of an Australian office setting and also addresses the problems of female employees in a call center where they have to deal with nasty, hoax calls day in and day out. Office politics, harassment and insatiable desires are very cleverly woven into the plot. It's a quick, fast read that makes you feel good. Though you can figure out the mystery quite easily, it added meaning and depth to the story making the lead pair’s relationship more believable as they work together figuring out the villain who was behind the grotesque happenings. Vivian, Miranda’s friend is a hoot. She is loyal and supports Rand in everything that she does as a true friend. Ms. Jones writes with a fresh voice and exceptional skill. Because I Can is a sizzling, sexy read complete with a prefect epilogue that will make you want to put Ms. Jones and her books on your keeper shelf and never let them go

Have you checked out for the latest in our Emmeline/peeler/twin epic? I believe Grasshopper could quite possibly be insane. It’s just a theory I am working on. But then if you read yesterday’s episode from Anny on you know where the insanity started. Once again I will have to be the sane-ish one tomorrow when I tackle the question of the bloody phallax and whatever the hell a zuuker is.

A couple of days ago I woke up in the middle of the night with the overwhelming urge to get a new passport. I always follow urges and signs so I got online and filled out the sections on screen with all my info and requested a form to be mailed to me. I got it today. I took out my old passport and looked through it. So many stamps and so many memories. I looked at the photo and laughed. I looked so young, inexperienced and frighteningly normal. Though it was good to see what my real hair colour was as I had kind of forgotten. I was nineteen when I first set off overseas on a working holiday to the UK. I’m a little more experienced now and anything but normal.

I remember wonderful sights like St Basil's Cathedral in Red Square in Moscow, seeing tourists climbing disrespectfully over the statute of the little Mermaid in Denmark, riding an underground train through the salt mines in Austria and drinking at the Million Dollar Cowboy bar in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Does that still exist? I still have my shocking pink sweatshirt with the cowboy logo on it which I still wear. Travel does broaden the mind and you meet so many crazy, memorable people that I am hoping my urge for a passport means I will be able to do it all again. Maybe track down a few frog friends. And no, you cannot hide Anny or Kelly. As for threats of terrorism...stuff 'em. Like many people. I am not putting my life on hold for a bunch of cowards.

Today at work…oh my god. ...let me have another sip of wine. Whew! My assistant Skippy has long been a problem. It's not just the low demonic wailing and hand banging on the table - that's just part of it. Anyway it was decided to have the ‘talk’ with her before we all started wailing and head banging in tune with her. This went over like a lead balloon. Basically Skippy says she is right and everyone else is wrong and everyone hates her. Uh huh. She also says she does not like me saying scandalous things like “Good Morning” or “Did you have a good weekend” or “Isn’t it cold today?” Yes, what a cow I am stopping to chat and trying to be friendly. She also believes that because no one speaks to her, I have somehow poisoned everyone against her. I ask you if a woman does not want someone saying “hello” to her then what can you say to her? Maybe people are a tad worried to talk to her? Anyway, the big boss and I just exchanged glances of “what the?” and she went off to have a cry and the boss and I discussed what had happened. Bottom line is she was trying to make a power play to get my job. It did not work and it will never work as I have twenty years of rat cunning on her. So Skippy has been officially warned. The thing is I would not have minded if she had of tried to take me on with some sort of style or sense or just a savvy move, but she didn’t . As we all agreed, she is young and has a lot to learn.

I also went to the doctor today for a general check up. My doctor is a hippie love child. Every time I go in I have to pick a card from a deck. No, not a normal deck of cards. These are cards with flowers on them and the card you pick reflects how you are feeling. She also reads a crystal she gets you to hold in your hand. She talks about finding the inner you and the outer you has to apparently wait for the inner bit to sort itself out. It sounds exhausting. She prefers not to prescribe drugs. There are times I must insist upon drugs as in my world I deal with reality and sometimes it requires antibiotics as opposed to having my face painted blue with woad and chanting some spiritual number while in the lotus position. I’m not good with things like that. I can’t do tai chi because it’s too slow for me. I have done all the movements in a minute and a half that everyone else would do in an hour. My doctor says I am complicated. Get the hell out of here. Really? Why do I go to her? Because I like characters. I like anyone not the norm or who is odd. She is a very good doctor, she’s just unusual…but that’s okay. Thank god for unusual people.

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Because I Can - Amarinda


anny cook said...

Bring it on, Amarinda. Looking forward to meeting you! As for Skippy, she needs some of those drugs you were discussing. Prozac or something. Not sure even that would help!