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The Wednesday Interview

Welcome to the Wednesday interview. This week’s brilliant author is Rita Sable with her hot book Family Jewels. Next week we have Boji Stones author Sandra Cox. Mark these books down for your to buy list!

Family Jewels - the Blurb

Jewelry designer Cynthia Lyons knows what she wants from her career and she doesn't mind working long hours to get it. What she doesn't know is how to find a man who won't interfere with her goals. Is it too much to want a lover who can also satisfy her darker, more passionate side?

Interpol agent Trevor St. James has given up any hope for a long-term relationship. Driven by his thirst for adventure and excitement, he travels the world hunting down stolen gems and precious icons. It's a job he's very good at, so why doesn't it satisfy him anymore?

After one of her customers disappears, Cynthia is left with a rare five-carat white diamond. Torn from its rightful owners during the Nazi invasion of Russia, the diamond has kept a big secret for more than sixty years. But someone knows the secret this gem hides and they'll stop at nothing to have it. She's running for her life straight into Trevor's arms, only to find that the diamond isn't the only thing that blazes with white-hot fire. Trevor can keep her alive. But Cynthia's got to trust him first...with her life and her body.

The Interview

1. You have some sizzling sex scenes in your book. How hard is it to write sex and make it convincing?

It really depends. In some stories the sex just seems to come naturally and the characters take charge of what they want to do. I make sexual tension, seduction and anticipation key elements in my stories, so by the time the actual sex act happens both my characters and the readers are hot and squirming in their seats. I believe that sex happens at a physical level but it really “works” inside the brain, so strong emotions play a big part in all my sex scenes.

2. Romance and the condom. How hard do you find to slip it in or on when the action is hot between characters?

Not hard at all. My h/h are responsible, intelligent adults and know that casual, unprotected sex is not a good thing no matter how hot and bothered they are. I try to make a sexy little game out of putting the condom on…or in some cases, a hurry-up-fumble-finger-grunt ‘n groan episode that drives ‘em crazy until that moment when “aaahhh-yes!”

I’ve also been known to torture my h/h if for some reason they don’t have a condom. Oh yeah, I love writing those torture scenes! Of course they are allowed to get creative in other ways to satisfy each other. I’m not that cruel – LOL!

3. Do you think romance just happens or do you make your characters work for it?

Are you kidding? Romance is hard work! I’m much more intrigued by a h/h who are attracted to each other but also at odds with each other. I love the push/pull between them. I want them to say, “You make me so mad but dammit! I want you!” They have obstacles to conquer first. If romance comes too easy it’s usually short-lived and doesn’t end with an HEA. I want characters who fall in love and work to make it right between them.

4. What is it about your hero that makes him irresistible to women?

I absolutely love the calm, cool confidence that actor Daniel Craig portrayed as James Bond in the 007 movie “Casino Royale”. He’s not a classically handsome man, but his attitude combined with a strong physique hold hordes of women enthralled – including me.

My hero is confident – of himself and his skills. He’s protective of her even if she’s quite capable of taking care of herself or has pissed him off. He never gives up or quits when the chips are down. He’s intelligent, of course, because idiots are just not sexy. He has a sense of humor and he’s not afraid to use it against her when she’s upset. He’s also got a soft spot for animals and children.

5. Do you think readers want to escape or do they want to identify with a character?

Both. When I choose a book to read, I want to be carried away to another place, a different time, or another world. Reading is a mini-vacation for the mind. At the same time I have to be able to project myself into this story and believe in the characters. I want to identify with the heroine, to fantasize that in an alternate universe, I might be her. When I write, I create my stories the same way.

6. What do you think is the most important thing to remember when writing romance?

Romance is about love over all. In my opinion, as an author you have to prove to the reader that your characters really do love each other and that what they’re experiencing isn’t just a strong physical attraction. As adults we all know how good sex feels, but if you’re in love it affects your mind more than anything else. I want my characters to have strong emotional ties as well as sexual urges.

7. What are you working on now?

I’ve pretty much taken the summer off and spent my time away from the computer. I have a great tan this year. But I’m still thinking about my wip’s and find myself looking forward to cooler, wetter weather and getting back into a writing routine this fall. I have 2 contemporary paranormals on my back burner, as well as another contemporary suspense like my current release with EC. I also have a SciFi, and a brand new ménage “quickie” simmering in my brain. All of these are erotic romances, of course.
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Kelly Kirch said...

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