Thursday, 23 August 2007

Dream and schemes...

Mix a little Harlequin-like romance, dimensional time travel; with just a dash of rugged maleness and a whole lot of hot-tempered red-headed femaleness and you’ve got “Swift of Heart.”
A little over a year ago Mackinley Swift walked out of Stephanie’s life. Even all the chocolate in the world didn’t help her get over him. Now he’s back and no matter how many times Stephanie slams the door in his face he won’t leave. And what’s this story of fighting a war on his world…he’s on a different world? No, same world just a different dimension, yeah right. Did someone just blow Stephanie’s house up?
This is a truly hilarious little romance adventure. And, I think there’s going to be more. I liked this story for it’s quickness, it’s humour, it’s funny strong leading lady, and it’s shortness. It’s a fine quick summer read on either sunny days or rainy days.

Please read the latest on Emmeline. Is Kelly mad? Well of course she is but she is a friend so what can you do but go along with it? Mind you Anny started her off as always…bad Anny – check out her fine effort on

I had this dream last night about this man I used to work with several years ago. It was so intense I am still thinking about it. The thing was he is a complete Mr Wrong in so many ways. While there was this weird attraction between us but it was more what I would call a National Geographic attraction – the idea of going somewhere you never dreamed of going and if you go there you never want to go back again. And no, we never went there. What is it about some people you know are just wrong for you but you can’t help thinking what if? Stella in Thief of Mine is like that. Kit Kincaid is the quintessential bad boy and on so many levels he is just wrong but yet… So I will channel this dream into a book. I also had no shoes on in the dream…I don’t know how I’ll work that into the book but something will occur to me at the time I need it. As for the man, not all dreams are signs but they can be the basis for books. Some of my best heroes are men I saw in the street, on a train or, passing by. I remember being intensely attracted to this man on a train – well the back of him. Broad shoulders, long legs and a great butt. I never saw the front of him which was good as it may have ruined the whole image I concocted in my mind. I used this man’s butt for my character of Justin in Because I Can.

Okay, off weird dreams. I had a chat with several people today about email scams. My particular favourite is the one where you get emailed to advise you are in actual fact part of Upper Botachootu royalty and please send one hundred dollars immediately to secure your crown. While I think Princess Amarinda has a nice ring to it – and my mother did name us so a title could sit nicely in front of our names(seriously) – I know it’s a load of crap. Then there is the one where authors get glowing fan mail asking for an autographed photo as the fan loved their book so much. Yes, like you are dumb and egotistical enough to give up your identity that easily. Yet people fall for it. Why? Because these slimy nitwits who operate these scams play on our need and greed and we’ve all got both of those emotions within us. We are always wanting to believe the hand full of magic beans we are being offered will solve our problems.

I used to work for a telephone company – let’s call them Promptel – and I used to work in complaints dealing with people who would rack up huge charges on the psychic lines because they believe whatever Madam Zelda and her circle of psychic nitwits said. Madam Z never explained how the victim would pay the huge bill but then she did not give a rats arse. Another good one was people who denied calling Randy’s Hot Stud Muffins looking for the promise of sexual fulfilment. It ain’t gonna happen over the phone. So either bar access to the number or cut your fingers off – and no, blaming the phone company for allowing you access to a phone is not going to wash. If you complained to me your options were cut and dried. Get a grip, put a bar on and if you have to play with yourself use your own imagination.

So we all know nothing is ever gained easily. Though in saying that Ethel and I have a ticket in the lotto on Saturday night for as Ethel says - quote “that dumb, slack arsed bitch lady lucky has to give us a break sometime.” Okay I’m in on that logic. Yes, Ethel has quite a way with words. No, she is not a writer. She is in her own mind an award winning singer – in everyone else’s she sounds like a cat being strangled. I used to sit beside her at work. People used to request to be moved from her due to her singing. Not me. She always had excellent gossip. I would not move from that. I don’t go to work to work for god sake.

Skippy, my assistant, still hates me, just in case you were wondering. She still chants low and manically under her breath and now she has taken to glaring at me. My care factor on this? Negative 12. Just another day at the office really.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Kelly Kirch said...

I was sitting in traffic one day behind a truck. I could see clearly through the double slide windows. The driver had his right arm along the back. There was something about that chorded, bronzed arm which set off a slew of butterflies. Weird. Especially since the rest of him was a hick in a beater with dry, shaggy hair. But that arm.... I don't know....

On to Skippy. Not fired? Firing immanenet? At all? Spill, lady.

Molly said...

I still have wonderful dreams about my son's former social studies teacher...he greatly resembles 'the one that got away' in college...I was 'in love' with the best friend, and refused to jump ship just because we were mutually attracted...needless to say, that is my one regret...the BF turned out to be Mr. "Oh so " Wrong "What was I THINKING!"...maybe I should have gone to see Kelly's counselor???

anny cook said...

Recently saw a picture of the one that got away... yes, well best to keep moving, isn't it?

Amarinda Jones said...

Yep, duck and weave Anny...

As for Skippy...on last legal warning before the chop