Tuesday, 7 August 2007

and the saga continues...

When we left the Emmeline, peeler, twin, virgin saga yesterday everyone seemed to be dying or having stuff sucked out of please read on...

“No one is dying today,” Emmeline declared defiantly as she aimed her peeler at the virgin assassin.

Rinalda’s hand shook uncontrollably and the peeler flew from her fingers and smashed into pieces against a rock. She watched as Emmeline then aimed her peeler at the twins.
“What’s going on?” She could see Rafe and Shade regaining their strength under a beam of pure white healing light.

“Well virgin, a three-point-two peeler is good but you should have saved up your pennies and bought the four-point-six series with the chromium auto reverse thrusters and laser light regenerative restorer. It beats your piece of crap peeler hands down.

“You bitch! They’re not even on the market yet.” Rinalda cursed wildly as she stared at Emmeline’s peel. “Is that a jewel handle?”

“Yes it comes in diamonds or rubies for accessorizing – not that it’s going to do you any good sunshine. These are only available to the chosen few.” She looked at Rafe and Shade. They had recovered quickly. Just as well. Although they were the weaker sex, any help was better than none. “Tie her up.” This was not over by a long shot. Emmeline knew she had to take charge of this situation now. “You are right about one thing Shade, we need to find the Companion and stop this madness. If the prophecy comes true no man will be safe.”

“Bugger! “ Eleanor the Elder hissed. As she watched from behind the bushes. “I thought Rinalda had the twins under her control there for a moment.”

“She is not up to the task of dealing with Emmeline. So few Guardians are. The pure of heart always make too many mistakes.”

“Oh well we’ll have to kill her like the last one. Summon the next virgin.”

Gee...let's hope they can find a virgin. To see if they do, check out and see what Anny does with our peeler crew tomorrow. Then on Thursday take a squiz at to see where Grasshopper goes with it next.

When I got home this evening, I raced outside to look at the new cement slab for my rainwater tank. It is grey and large and well, cement-like but it was one step closer to getting the actual rain water tank. The cement was still wet so naturally I had to put my initials in it as you are supposed to…okay, you are not supposed to but it’s that whole wanting to immortalize the moment thing. Not that doing that is always such a good thing.There is a patch of cement on the footpath about a block from my house where some Rhodes scholar had written F**k you in the cement when it was wet and it has been set in place for all eternity. What possesses someone to even think that is the slightest bit creative? And why would you want to immortalize your own stupidity? What statement were they making other than they were ill-bred and not particularly bright? Every time I pass it I think what a dipstick.

When I moved into my house years ago the area was a little rough. But the house was cheap and I could see the potential in the area and thankfully I was right. The suburb has come along way and people want to buy in but can’t as no ones moving and the prices are too steep. Ca-ching. Sometimes you get it right. Anyway, the first morning in my house, after I moved in, I woke up to find my father standing outside looking at the street. He motioned me over to see someone had spray painted “I rock” on the bitumen before my driveway. He was concerned as fathers are. I pointed out to him that at least it said “I rock” and not “I suck”. I ignored it and it never happened again. I also ignored the noisy, feral ‘boys’ across the way that hated the previous people in my house and gave them a hard time apparently. They tried it on with me a couple of times and failed as I had no intention of rising to their bait so they gave up. They are very quiet and respectful now and when I approach them politely to move their truck or whatever they do it straight away. I believe you do not need to act in kind to beat a bully. Confuse them politely is my theory.

Because I Can – what happens in an elevator stays in an elevator…or does it?

Can having wild sex in a lift with a gorgeous stranger a bad thing? It is when that man turns out to be the CEO of the company you work for and he is the last man you want having any control over you. Being all hot naked and sexy with the CEO is not exactly a career move – especially not in public, screaming your lungs out as you come.

When Justin Hale teaches Miranda Marshall a steamy lesson about who is the boss, Miranda is more than happy to pay him back in kind. The game is on. Just how in control is the boss? Can she bring him to his knees without falling hopelessly to her own? After all, this has nothing to do with love. It’s just toe curling sex…isn’t it? And Miranda certainly does not want the whole office to know what she and Justin Hale are doing.

But someone does know. It’s the same person who has been causing chaos in the office for months. Is this person the office Robin Hood or are they out for revenge with Miranda in his sights?


Mona Risk said...

I want a peeler with diamond and ruby, pretty please. And I insist on the laser light regenerative restorer. I can use some regeneration at this momoment. Ready to pay it with my own stainless steel zucchini peeler.


anny cook said...

Personally, I want one with sapphires. Loooove sapphires. The regeneration part is cool, too. Definitely need regeration after a night full of weird dreams. Very weird dreams...even weirder than our blogs.

Morgan Taj Zephyrain said...

Which peeler is the most savage? Well, maybe savage is the wrong word. How about most appropriate for a brothel slave - a busy brothel slave? A very busy brothel slave?

Okay, I get the point. I'll go back to work. But can I have a peeler catalog? Do you take universal creds?

anny cook said...

I'll put the peeler catalogue up on the website as soon as I get it finished!

Kelly Kirch said...

Make sure to list the different shipping prices, Anny. And extra steep pricing for those shipping to Austrailia just to tick off AJ. Helen gets a discount as she sees to our futures.

And AJ, do they come in gold and platinum? Perhaps a filigree handle with Austrailian opal inlays? I'll take one of those.

Amarinda Jones said...

I don't need a peeler I am deadly enough without one

Kelly Kirch said...

'k. Can't top that one.