Wednesday, 1 October 2008


On yesterday's blog I rambled on about how money should be spent on people’s health and not on politician’s lunches. I think the angels, or most likely the other mob, must have been listening because just after I posted that I got a phone call from the hospital specialist telling me I had to come and see him this Thursday. I am apparently 'Category 1 Urgent' with the gall bladder thingy. I went from 'hurry up and wait' to 'come in we want to look at your gizzards.' I agree with best friend Ethel. She said ‘well of course, Lucy – why would you want to be category 2 or 3? That’s so common.’ She has been a true friend during this period. She told me she has unselfishly been drinking extra wine because she knows I am reluctant to eat or drink anything that has any evilness about it until the gall bladder thing is sorted. Isn’t she good to me? She has also suggested I find out from the surgeon how long she has to keep up the ‘extra fluids’ until I can take over from her.

So, I think the demons that were listening to my whining probably thought ‘oh for fuck sake shut her up and get her an appointment.’ So – miracles do happen. I begin my mission to start whining for the end to racism, poverty and picking the winning lotto numbers now. I still stand by what I said yesterday. What happens if you are category two or three? How long are you supposed to wait in pain? When will we start spending money on things that are important?

Not much else to report. I went grocery shopping after work. Naturally every delightfully evil, fattening thing I adore – i.e Tim Tams – were on sale and I can’t eat them. Well I can but as much as I like risk, I’m not risking my gizzards at the moment. Ah, lead me not into temptation I can find it myself in aisle 6. Instead this time I whined and whimpered and maybe sobbed a little as I moved the trolley past Tim Tams…it’s just wrong to leave them there like that all lonely.

That’s it – another slow Amarinda day. May yours be filled with many Tim Tams.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?