Wednesday, 31 December 2008

To the future…

So, New Years Eve…it’s a time for do-overs isn’t it? To start a fresh and to make amends. Whatever you are doing this evening be safe. If you want to party – go for it. If you want to stay at home and be quiet – do it. There are no rules you have to follow.

For 2009 I wish that….

- the one you love loves you back – but if not, move on and realize you can do better
- if you are suffering domestic abuse – get out. You are not dumb or ugly or worthless. He is. Save you. Fuck him.
- you are strong enough to stand alone if you have to.
- little girls are no longer sold off to old men to pay their father’s debts
- we cure cancer and aids and every other disease that takes away our loved ones
- you lose weight because you want to and not because someone’s opinion wounds you.
– you use the negative phrases like ‘you can’t do that’ and you do it anyway because you can.
- you write the book you have always been wanting to write
- you remain healthy or have the ability to kick illness in the arse
- your beliefs remain your own and you are not swayed by others
- most of all I wish peace – from wars, from personal demons, from those who cannot understand that you will never accept less than you deserve.

Happy 2009 – go out and conquer your part of the world. You are amazing.
Go Ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?