Monday, 2 March 2009

Fear of Being...

So, I got word of a new editor – a male – yesterday. Hmmm, a male…that should be interesting. Never had a male edit my erotic romances. I warn him now to start stocking up on gin or whatever his favourite alcoholic beverage is as I am hell to edit – typos, split infinitives and I tend to make up words. My long suffering Ellora’s Cave editor will swear to this fact. I am a trial and a tribulation but hey I like me so I’m not changing any time soon.

The book that he will be editing is called Fear of Being – and yes I have a release date for this year so that was a heck of a surprise. The book is an erotic horror ménage romance – so basically it’s about orgasms and people screaming while the hero is all heroic and the heroine is her usually pissy self as some creepy guy tries to frighten the bejeezus out of her. This book is totally different to my others – sure, it has the same Jones style but it’s pretty creepy – hence the horror angle. It’s based on a recurring nightmare I have. I wrote it in some weird, existential hope that it would rid me of these night time visitations. It didn’t – bummer - but life goes and like all my books they are based on me in some way. Why? Is it a narcissistic complex I have? Probably - but there’s nothing wrong with a healthy ego – it keeps you hopeful and active and ambitious. Without an ego you’d probably sit and stare at a wall and want for nothing…actually, that could be good at times too. Hmmm…wall staring….anyway…writing from my own life is more the fact that I absolutely believe you have to write what you know. You have to live what the heroine has done and believe what she says.

This book is coming out through Whiskey Creek Torrid. Why? Because they wanted it and it’s a genre they are interested in. Will I write another horror? Depends if I have another nightmare that makes me wake up punching the air fighting off an invisible foe. Someone was telling me that the dreams we have now relate to our past lives and the things we should or could have done differently. I think that’s too much stress to place on yourself. My theory is that you and I will probably continue to stuff up our lives until we die and when we come back for the next shot at life I expect we’ll do the same. I think that sort of consistency is comforting. It allows you to accept the failures with a small shrug of your shoulders…c’est la vie baby.
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