Saturday, 21 March 2009

Yeah right…sure…okay…

I got an email from…well, let’s call him an acquaintance. He wanted to see what Amarinda Jones looked like so he Googled my name. He came up with the photo above. Yeah right…sure…okay…that’s me in an alternative universe where no one has cellulite and I have lost my mind and allowed someone to tie me up and whip me…but in the real world where I live 97% of the time – nope – that’s not me. It’s a picture someone sent me on my MySpace page for my birthday. Somehow it got tagged to me….and I could only wish I had thighs like that…and my hair is shorter and I would probably be slapping him back…but I digress…why is it important what someone looks like? I am plain, average, boring…I can’t see why anyone would need a photo of that. I also have this theory – which will no doubt thrill other authors, as I do, but I believe all romance writers look alike. I know – it’s a pretty big call but I swear to god I look at photos from various get togethers and I think everyone is interchangeable. It’s sort of like all firemen look alike – gorgeous. All nurses look alike – efficient, professional. Yes, you can email me and tell me differently and I’ll happily put your comments –good or bad - on the next blog.

If you are emailing – enter the Rowdy contest – see below…may as well make the email worth it.

Other than that, it’s been a hormonally charged day – shut up it has – I had to eat a packet of Tim Tams when I could not get the automatic windows in the new car to work. I finally broke down and read the manual to get them working…pesky buttons to push…what happened to winding them up and down?

Good news…I was offered another contract on a book so that was good. Always nice to know you don’t suck completely. I thought this would spur me on to finish the current book I am working on. It’s 98% finished and the characters are marking time until I get in the zone – or they work it out themselves.

On finishing - I absolutely love this song - click below. It’s from the seventies when I was a kid but every time I hear it I crank up the radio and sing at the top of my lungs and torture the neighbourhood, as I did this morning at 6am…sometimes ya just had to sing out it out baby and whose going to stop me?
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