Sunday, 15 March 2009

Amazing Grace…

A lover asks you to pose naked for pictures. What do you do? Are you shocked? Excited? Scared? Do you think for five seconds, before stripping off, what the ramifications may be?

It constantly amazes me how people – women in particular - will allow someone to take intimate/naked/obscene photos of them and then they get upset when they’re published on the Internet or somewhere else for everyone to see. Did they think for a second that the man of the moment may not be the man of forever and that maybe if they become famous that their one time fling may sell the photos to the highest bidder? And how can you get all outraged at something you choose to do coming back on you?

I was reading in the Sunday newspapers about a female politician who’s ex-lover sold naked photos of her and how that may ruin her electoral chances – yes – we have an election coming up. Yes, I believe in doing things on the spur of the moment but I also think dropping your kit and posing naked requires some thought. I’m, not saying don’t do it – it’s your choice but for god sake don’t get all pissed off when it comes back to bite you on the arse. Face it – you were naked – everyone has seen what there is to see – you’re no more unique that anyone else unless you have three boobs or something - so move on. I think we all admire someone who admits to past mistakes and does not get all defensive over it. I would much rather vote for a person who accepts they are flawed and they stuffed up in their life than someone who is outraged that what they did X number of years ago coming to light.

And, what is the point of posing naked anyway? The human body is just plain weird looking – like a science experiment gone wrong. And yes, I get that pin ups make good money doing it but in the end it’s just a naked body and all women have the same parts just in different proportions - as do men… I don’t understand why anyone wants to see people they don’t know naked… everyone has an arse after all.
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