Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Are you kidding me?

So I got this email in my Amarinda mail from an agent in New York. My first thought was to delete it straight away without reading it, thinking it was spam mail. I am a great deleter of emails when I think they look sus (suspect). Actually I delete them even when they don’t look sus then I act all innocent when someone says “didn’t you get my email?” No…when did you send it? I like a neat inbox and unless the subject line is something like ‘read the bloody email Amarinda then I may just delete it. I am a deleting fiend. Everything else is messy in my life but that.

Anyway I opened and read it. Uh huh…I emailed all the usual suspects I know and said ‘Ha, ha – great joke…I know it’s you.’ They emailed back saying ‘nah, too obvious a joke – wait ‘til next week when you see a seal and a man in a Batman mask.’ Good to be forewarned. Must buy fish…thankfully I have a bathtub…Batman? Kinky but interesting. Anyway, I emailed the agent back and said – “Are you kidding me? Is this a joke?” Yeah, I really did. Why? To be absolutely honest it had never occurred to me to write anywhere but in the e-book market. I like it here. I’m not a writer who ‘must’ be published in New York or die…dying at the moment would be very inconvenient as I just bought a new car and I am 1000 words off finishing my next book and no one would be able to decipher my form of typo-shorthand to work out the ending. But in saying that I’m not averse to chatting about new projects. So I have said I will write a proposal…not like I have anything else to do in work time and it will make me look busy. Will I fall on my arse? Maybe. Probably. Who knows? Life is too short to worry about things like that. Give it a go and move on is my motto.
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