Saturday, 28 March 2009


Bless you Ellora’s Cave cover gods. I wanted smart arse meet urban Goth and I got it. This is number 4...I the vampire books follow on...

Now I could get into a discussion about the whole ‘gauntlet’ verses ‘gantlet’ word deal but suffice to say – I am over it – and no, it’s not a typo – yes it is correct - and a sincere thank you to everyone who was worried I had screwed up on the title. That people were honest enough to tell me is appreciated. I would rather someone be blunt and honest and tell the truth instead of just saying “it’s nice”…and speaking of nice…I think ‘nice’ is the most boring, meaningless word on the planet. Why even both using it? To me it expresses boredom and that the person is not moved enough to have any passion.

I would rather someone say they loved/loathed/detested etc something rather than just saying it’s nice to ‘fit in’ or to avoid trouble. Why do you think people are so scared to give an opinion? Is the need to keep everything ‘nice’ and be ‘nice’ paramount? Or are they as bored as hell and cannot think of another word that fits in with their boredom? Or, is it more that ‘nice’ can be used as a weapon? ‘Oh yes, that’s nice, dear' = it’s crap or meaningless or I am pissed you have it and I don’t so I’ll make it sound insignificant. And then there’s men – god bless their cotton socks - I think ‘nice’ to them is a safe word when they have to give an opinion on an outfit or hairdo. For them I think it’s like an arse saving word…”Crap! I don’t know if her shoes match her dress and her hair is all fluffy…is that good or bad? What does she want me to say?" So he comes out with ‘nice.’ Smart man.

If something sucks – then say it. It’s your opinion and it’s one of the few things you have with you for life and I think you can ‘nice’ yourself to death. And yes, of course, email me if you have an opinion on this….

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