Wednesday, 11 March 2009

You and me against the world…

“It’s Amarinda.
“And what a lovely name for a lovely lady. What I’m trying to make you understand is I’m not doing this job to make my boss or the company money, I’m doing this job for great people like you who want a good, honest deal. I’m fighting on your side against my boss. This is all about what you want Amanda.”
“I see Bert.” (translation = you are full of crap)
“It’s Brett.”
“Oh really? You look like a Bert.”
“My friend, you can call me anything you like because it’s you and me against them.”
“Uh huh…” Pardon me while I laugh my arse off.

So I have been torturing, er…I mean - negotiating with car salesman. I’m upgrading Ida, my car. I’ve had her for 6 years and it’s time to move her on to calmer pastures as she is just about to pass her warranty period. I did explain this to her. She said nothing. I feel Ida’s silence means she understands and agrees with me. We’re very sympatico – it’s almost like a Zen type relationship we have. The car is calm and I’m not – very yin-yang. Anyway – enter the Bert’s- er – Brett’s of the world. Lordy they be full of crap. The expression ‘don’t pee on my head and tell me it’s raining’ came to mind a lot listening to Bert/Brett. What is it with car salesman? Lone woman comes into a dealership. He makes a judgment. Average, by herself and probably knows stuff all about cars so I’ll flatter her some and tell her a load of bollocks to make her buy. Yeah, I’m average to look at – it works in my favour – ever notice that people like Bert/Brett never expect the average people to arc up and turn on them? So, I listened to him crap on, worked out by his body language and the careless info he slipped that - A – they were desperate for sales and - B – Ida was a damn good car as a resale. Then I told him what I wanted – “And no, this is not a you and me thing – it’s all about me. I’m not here to piss around Bert.”

Did I go with Bert/Brett? Oh hell no. I’m not leaving Ida with him. I used what Bert/Brett had said and made a better deal with the next car salesman. It made me wonder – do the Bert/Brett’s go home and think – ‘bloody hell I talked some rot today’ or are they like that in real life? Quiet scary. But then so am I when I want something. Do I feel bad Bert/Brett lost a sale? No - that’s life and I know he will sucker someone else without being sorry for the tactics he uses. Life is a game – we all know that – play it whatever way you have to.

The new car – it’s going to be a purple-blue colour…the name – unknown as yet. It arrives in a week. Then I will look the car in the headlights and a name will come to me. Thankfully I have managed to un-stick the Best of Chris Isaak CD from the CD player…whew…well who knew you had to use a pin number to re-set up the radio/CD after the battery was replaced? Oh sure, there’s a car manual but no one reads those...

Just a reminder…I have a contest coming up tomorrow – Thursday 12th March. What’s up from grabs? Check it out tomorrow…I’ll have taken the picture by then….
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