Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Well, bloody hell…

Last night on Channel 7 Mr Rudd dropped the word "shit" as he spoke to sacked Pacific Brands workers about the Government's decision to spend billions stimulating the economy.

"People have to understand that, because there's going to be the usual political shit storm, sorry, political storm, over that," he said.

His comments were applauded by the audience.

Does the opposition party in Australia think the Prime Minister swore to appeal to people who are losing their jobs and will lose their jobs? Of course they do. They’re only pissed they didn’t think of it before Kevin did. The thing with Kevin, as with all good pollies (politicians) – be they Barack or…um…well, I’m sure there are others – they appeal to the masses – the everyday people who think ‘well, he’s a good bloke, I think I’ll vote for him.” They have street credibility – they reckon they could have a beer and a chin-wag with them (chat). That’s the name of the political game – balance that with good advisors and a family pet dog and the required cute kids and bingo – you have a leader. Did Kevin say ‘shit’ to appeal to voters? Maybe he did. What’s wrong with speaking to appeal to his audience? Doesn’t everyone judge who their listeners are and speak accordingly?

Swearing is now so much a part of the general everyday vernacular whether anyone likes it or not. People swear. And no, swearing is not pleasant to hear but it happens because people are human and in a dismal economic period with people facing ruin and hardship a skilled leader is hardly going to pat them on the head and say ‘Never mind old fellow, begging is a noble profession – I’m sure I read something in the bible about the meek inheriting the earth – after I'm finished with it of course - now here’s a fiver – smile for the camera with me - and now be on your way as I am off to a corporate lunch with the hoi polloi who just fired your blue collar arse.’ So Kevin swore. Stone the bloody crows. Let’s impeach him for saying shit. It’s the least of our problems. The thing is times are tough and we are indeed embroiled in a shit storm. Tell it like it is and worry about who scored what points later when the economy is better…that’s pretty much a bloody no brainer to me.

This story was immediately followed by…

Man wrestles kangaroo in Canberra home

"My initial thought when I was half awake was: it's a lunatic ninja coming through the window," Mr Ettlin said on Monday.
"It seems about as likely as a kangaroo breaking in."

Look – if you haven’t been to Oz you really need to book a ticket and come on down under – it’s all happening here – though I would advise against wrestling ninja kangaroos as they will tear your hide off and if they come through the window make sure you wearing more than your undies.
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