Monday, 9 March 2009

Just plain wrong...

A senior Vatican cleric has defended the excommunication of the mother and doctors of a nine-year-old girl who had an abortion in Brazil after being raped.

He also said the accused stepfather would not be expelled from the church. Although the man allegedly committed "a heinous crime ... the abortion - the elimination of an innocent life - was more serious".

OMG…this is a nine year old girl who could have died giving birth to these twins and all this church can say is she should have taken her chances that she or the babies would have lived. And what about her innocence? And why wasn’t the rapist – a criminal - expelled from the church? Absolute frigging disgusting. Men in frocks making the rules when they have no concept of the real world? Condemning a nine year old for having another chance at life? For a mother to want more for daughter? For doctors to care? Great little world they’ve got going there. You know I’m not religious but my understanding of faith and humanity is somewhat different to this skewed version. Rape is rape and no matter what any church or any state says it’s never going to change nor can it ever be acceptable and pedophiles should be shot. Good on the mother. She has more sense and strength of character than any do-gooder who can quote a passage in a book and to validate hypocrisy. It’s just disgusting what some people think they can justify. It just makes me so angry and sad that this child is denied her faith and innocence and being punished for being helpless.
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