Monday, 23 March 2009

I want to know….

- why do people walk along and pull their undies out of their butt? Yes, I know technically why - but why in public? It’s so unattractive. Do they realize that or do they just not know or care? Is doing something in private to sort yourself out not considered by them?
- why do people blow their nose and then look inside the tissue or hanky…what’s they about? ‘Not like it’s going to be anything in exciting in there.
- why do people leave a public bathroom without washing their hands? Are they not going to be using their hands for anything else that day or do they have some film over their hands that protects them from germs?
- Why do people at a gathering where food is involved always leave one thing on a plate? What’s they about? “Oh yeah we ate everything but look – we’re not complete pigs we left something.”
- Why do people not wear deodorant? Are they so used to their own smell it never occurs to them that the stink until you tell ‘em?
- Why is it that loud people get upset when you tell them to be quiet? Hasn’t it never happened to them before?
- Why is it that people who take potshots at you about how you look and think never look at themselves in the mirror or listen to what comes out of their own mouths?
- Why do men think a confident woman is a pushy bitch?
- Why is it thin people can eat whatever the hell they want and they do it in front of you when you’re on a diet…it’s just wrong.
- Why is it some people are incapable of saying please or thank you? Were they scared by the good manners fairy as a child?
- Why is it people let their animals roam the street unchecked? The thing is if we wanted an animal tearing up our yards we would have bought our own.
- when did 'squeeee' become a part of the English language? I must have missed that at school. Always reminds me of the noise a pig makes.
- Why is it some people ask so many dumb arsed questions? Stuffed if I know…could be that’s it’s Monday

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