Monday, 30 March 2009


Flat strap (busy) at the moment but a couple of quick observations from the past 2 days….

A ‘complete bitch’ – how does this differ from just a bitch or can you be an incomplete bitch? Why I ask is someone told me someone else was a complete bitch and to give her the swerve (avoid her). Now being a bitch in whatever form is not enough for me to avoid anyone and I never act on what another tells me they think. I’ll take it on board but make my own judgments. And who decides who is a bitch? Is there a bitch scale? Do bitches really exist? Or is it more that strong women with opinions who are not scared to act on them are perceived as threatening to people of no or weaker opinion so naturally they are deemed bitches? What’s a strong man called? Is there a derogatory term there? Should we avoid these men as well? Am I going to avoid the ‘complete bitch?’ Nope – I’ll watch her and listen to her and make my own judgment. I have been called a bitch myself…course I cried myself to sleep over it…

“It’s not fair” – this is the most whiny arsed phrase I know. I mention this as I was watching TV last night – a customs show, sipping a glass of plonk in a state of knackerdom after writing a bazillion words, and this bloke was not being allowed entry to Australia because he was bad bugger (criminal). We have enough of our own without importing them. Anyway he carried on like a pork chop (went mad) about it “not being fair.” Well, if I was the customs officer that alone would make me want to get his whiny arse off our shores. What is ‘fair’ exactly? Again is there some elusive scale that we have to measure the perception of fair against? Or, in this case, is it more that this bloke needed to accept that he had done wrong, that we have our laws and lying on a visa application is then ‘not fair’ to our country? Most people know nothing is fair in life. The sooner that’s learned the better. I don’t why people persist on whining that it should be. It’s not going to make it so.

Okay – that’s it…if you have the answers email me as normal and have a good day….
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