Monday, 16 March 2009

I got another condom email….

Have you got sponsorship was a condom company? You should because you write about them all the time.”

Yes – I do and that’s a good point. I must look into a sponsorship deal. Thank you for the email and the suggestion.

Recently at the Australian Romance Readers Convention in Melbourne I asked the audience at the erotica panel how they felt about condoms for the heroes. They didn’t like them. This makes sex hard…why? Because I don’t want the heroine getting preggers – yes, she’s on the pill but what if she missed a day? Haven’t we all done that? And, sexually transmitted disease is neither sexy nor romantic. So, write sex and be responsible yet make it romantic and not awkward – well – that’s just sex for you isn’t it?
Touch me there – not so hard – oh harder – faster – slow down, what’s your rush? Hurry up I’m going to come – where’s the condom – no condom ? Bummer - today’s Monday right - so if I take Sunday’s missed pill today with Monday’s and throw in Tuesday’s for luck – a orange condom – seriously - who even makes those? Well, yes a condom is important - I’ve never looked good in orange – What? I know I’m not wearing it – well hurry up then – where are you going to put it when we finish – oh no, not in my Little Miss Kitty waste basket – I wonder what’s on television – don’t put it in there – why? I’m not in the mood – oh yeah there’s good – you weigh a ton – do I look fat to you? O-o-o-h my goddddd…I have a leg cramp…

I was given some free books at the convention. One of them was about a surgeon who got his nurse preggers. She did the angst ridden oh-dear-he’s-going-back-to-tend-the-sick-in-upper-Kumbucka-west-how-noble-I-will-not-tie-him-down-with-me-and-a-child-so-I’ll-go-off-and-tell-everyone-it-was-a-virgin-birth…..riiiight. I have to ask why are all these doctors getting nurses in an ‘interesting condition.’ I know it’s fiction but as I reader I have to wonder if they missed the lectures on how babies are made. I know when I was at uni I often skipped lecturers but it only have got me a lower grade and never pregnant.

This made me laugh and reminded me of someone a long time ago….

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