Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pushing Fate

Pushing Fate - by moi

Ainslie Croft is a dreamer. The problem is her dreams aren’t pleasant. Ghosts haunt her asking for help. When she crashes into a dream where one man is running from her and another towards her, Ainslie knows her life is about to change forever. But can she overcome the emotional and physical scars to let anyone into her life?

Ramsay Balfour is a man on a mission. He has to find an evil necromancer and destroy his power. Ramsay also plans to seduce Ainslie back into the land of the living by teaching her how to love again.

I have a book released today – Pushing Fate at Cerridwen Press. Yes, you can click on the cover to buy. What’s that you say? You’re not Janet Davies. I am too. I am both Janet and Amarinda but people tend to know me more as Amarinda. We’re one and the same. There is no difference. One of us writes mainstream romance and the other erotica. If I am in trouble I blame one or the other. It’s very handy at times. It’s not me – it’s her – she’s the bad one. You’re never alone when you have a pen name…

So - Pushing Fate – we do it everyday by taking a chance, a risk – we tempt fate to take us on and do its worst. I wrote this book based on a dream – ah, dreams – useful things those. I was going to write it as a new age spiritual thing but I discovered I don’t have a spiritual bone in my body – just the usual jaded ones I’ve had for years so I went with what I knew.

There is a contest…and I took a photo – see below - sure it’s wonky but at 4am in the morning the world is wonky. Shut up and tell you what and how you could win? Sure.

The stuff – bought on my travels in Melbourne, Australia - 1 XL T-shirt, a pop up snow globe (I love these), a boxing kangaroo pen, a kangaroo road sign to confuse people especially if you aren’t an Aussie, an Amarinda cap, a pen set that has – wait for it - souvenir nail clippers – laughed my arse off when I saw those - and a packet of Tim Tams. Why? Because you need something delicious to eat when you read the e-book copy of Pushing Fate you may win.

The contest – very, very hard question…go to and tell me the name of one of the other Janet books listed there – then email me on The first 2 correct answers drawn at random will win the prize. The contest closes Monday 16th March at midnight – cause it always sounds more dramatic – EST USA time. Go for it.
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