Friday, 6 March 2009


An Iranian woman living in Spain said on Wednesday she welcomed a Tehran court ruling that awards her eye-for-an-eye justice against a suitor who blinded her with acid.

Ameneh Bahrami, 30, told Cadena SER radio, "I am not doing this out of revenge, but rather so that the suffering I went through is not repeated."

Late last year an Iranian court ruled that the man - identified only as Majid - who blinded Bahrami in 2004 after she spurned him, should also be blinded with acid based on the Islamic law system of "qisas", or eye for an eye retribution, according to Iranian newspaper reports from November.

I’ll be honest – I’m in two minds about this. The arsehole that attacked and scarred this woman should be punished. He is an arrogant male sod who ruined a woman’s future because she said ‘no’ to him. What a childish, spoilt, prick of a man. Reasonable, rational, real men do not act like this. Sure, they may be pissed at a knock back but they move on. They do not blind for life in a childish attempt to make an inferior woman suffer for denying them some manly right they perceive is theirs.

And if this case wasn’t sick and insane enough, the court has ruled that because the victim is an inferior woman who was blinded in both eyes, the man should only be blinded in one.

"They have told us that my two eyes are equal to one of his because in my country each man is worth two women.”

So while I do believe that an eye for an eye is justified in some cases, what is the point of this? How is this a ‘win’ for this lady? And no, you are right, none of us can know how she feels and what justice she demands to move on with her life. But the ruling alone indicates that prejudice in this archaic, male dominated society and religion is never going to change. How is taking the sight in the one eye of the attacker going to help her or change anything if they deem she is only worth half of what her attacker is? I could suggest cutting off his penis to even things up – be a warning to others - maybe then he could know what it feels like to be a woman in a world where being born without an appendage between your legs gives you no power. Yes, revenge can be sweet and no one will ever really know how this woman suffered. If it gives her peace then I cannot deny her that but once again I am saddened and angry at how stupid these penis based societies are and how they never learn the value of the people they have.

From ridiculous pretend men to…

Four firemen stripped to their underwear in Melbourne's CBD today to protest against Pacific Brands' decision to axe nearly 2,000 Australian jobs.
Hundreds of Pacific Brands workers rallied in Bourke Street to call for the company to reverse the decision.

The firefighters, who are members of the United Firefighters Union, drew huge applause when they stripped off their Pacific Brands-made uniforms to reveal Bonds boxer shorts while Men At Work's _Down Under_ song played.

Click on the video for the full story.

Good one boys. I am 100% behind the workers at Pacific Brands and with the nation at the appalling greed of a company that can dump workers yet reward the executives. I refuse to buy anything – not even my fave Bond undies – from these corporate leeches and any protest – and this was most excellent – that draws attention to the plight of the workers who are losing their jobs, in this company and others, due to cooperate greed I support.
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