Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The bestest…

Tourism Queensland has announced the 50 Short-listed Applicants for the Best Job in the World. Amongst the candidates from over 22 countries are a charity fundraiser, dance instructor, physiotherapist, chef, radio DJ, scientist, actor, interpreters, adventurers, students, television journalists and photographers.

Vote for your favourite now to ensure they have a chance of becoming the Wild Card candidate to attend the interview event in May.

I wonder what it would be like to have the “best job” in the world. Queensland is a fantastic albeit crazy place where cane toads hop around, the people are casual and no one takes anything real seriously unless its money placed on cockroach races, sausage sizzles or lamington drives – and that’s only the subtropics where I live. Up north they’re all troppo. I can completely understand why someone would want to score a job here. We’re fabulous.

Best job in the world? Never had one of those - though the one I have now is tolerable as I get to do a lot of personal stuff at a work. To me that’s important in a job. Fancy titles? A company car? Meetings in the boardroom? Soiree/junkets with the clients? Yeah, if that turns you on, do it. But can you write at your desk, make unlimited personal calls, send personal emails and leave whenever you want because basically everyone trusts you and no one measures what time you spend at actual work? That beats any fancy executive stuff. Lurks abound if you look at every avenue open for exploitation.

I also didn’t mind working as a chambermaid – okay - the naked people who would wait for you to open the hotel room door, after you thinking no one was there – well, calling out ‘chambermaid’ and the ‘please come and clean my room sign’ generally made you think it was empty - and then them stand there waving their sad, little cocks in the air - I could have lived without – have you ever noticed that flashers never have anything of note to flash? And how many women go – “yeah baby, let’s do it right here, right now”? Other than that it was a job you could do really quickly if you had more interesting things to do – well, I was in London for god sake - and you could score all sorts of free stuff that people either gave you because they could not fit in their suitcases – no thanks on the pretty white powder – or they left behind things like alcohol and money. Now when I say money I mean 1p and half p (pence) coins. Yeah, they’re useless but collect enough of them in a communal glass jar of useless coins and you could buy all sorts of stuff – of course whoever you paid your bill to in 1p coins was not impressed but hey – you were paying so what’s the problem?

As far as I am concerned no job is the best in the world. Everything has pitfalls be they flashers or rules. Would anyone work if they had a choice? I think not.
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