Thursday, 19 March 2009

I give you the tunic….

IT'S the rock uniform that inspired thousands of fantasies through the decades and now Chrissy Amphlett's school tunic is up for grabs.,22049,25203883-5012327,00.html

The Divinyls were a huge band in Australia in the 80’s-90’s. When I heard Chrissy Amphlett was auctioning off the school box pleated uniform she used to wear on stage, it reminded me of wearing the real version when I was at school in the seventies – stop counting your fingers and toes – I’m 45 – god, it was a ghastly thing – not at all like Chrissy’s. There was nothing sexy about it. The only photo I could find that could give you any idea of how bad it was is the one above – no, that’s not me…but I will try and find one…anyway – the tunic I had was navy blue. My mother liked the old box pleat uniform, because as Army brats, travelling from school to school, it was a standard uniform of a lot of schools back then and that meant mum did not have to keep forking out dosh – money – every time we changed school. The box pleat was de-rigueur.

Now, I am a great believer in uniforms for school. They give everyone, regardless of wealth or family background, level pegging. But the old box pleat – bloody hell it was uncomfortable. It was wool and itchy on your thighs – and when I say thighs, it had to be worn so many inches above the knee and no more. I remember kneeling down so mum could pin it to get it the right height. There wasn’t anything sexy about that tunic. It had a belt and you looked like a chaff bag tied around the middle. Of course, a lot of girls ‘lost’ the belt and then they looked preggers. That teemed with a prissy white blouse, tie and knees socks…the whole thing was gaggable.

Yes, what a lovely thing it was and as you developed it didn’t have any give whatsoever– so boobs grew but the fabric had no mercy and it would cut you under the arms. Ah, those were the days. You can get copies of these uniforms now made to dress up in to have fantasy sex…seriously? Is that with the tie and knee socks as well? I would have to view any man who asked me to dress up in one of these with great suspicion as he’s not out to give me any pleasure at all….

So, Ida – my car - see picture – left me today. Behind Ida is the shambolic abode known as Chez Amarinda – notice the bins out to the side? That’s to reminder to put the bins out when I get home. Good in theory but does not always work in practice. Anyway – out with Ida, stoic soul she was and in with Patrick, the car. Why Patrick? I don’t know. The car just looked like a Patrick and who am I to question these things?

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