Friday, 7 September 2007

Been a long, long week...

Excerpt from Last Man Standing – released 20th September. It’s the sequel to Swift for Heart. Thanks to everyone who has asked about this sequel. It will be out very soon now.
The excerpt....
“My powers, as you called them, never work with people I have a deep connection with.” He watched as Amy stiffened at his words.
Amy did not want a deep connection with anyone, let alone this man. She sensed deep connections could be messy and emotionally draining. Who needed the drama?
“Why me then? We’ve only just met.” Amy had wanted to sound cool and disinterested, instead she came across as sounding alarmed. That alarm bordered on panic as Alex leaned into her and gave her such a meaningful look that she felt a definite need to flee the room. Instead she leaned back away from him. There was so much in his eyes that she did not want to acknowledge as being the truth. This man was getting to her in a big way.
Amy dropped her eyes from his to stare at the black fabric of his shirt. Yep, what she had been thinking all night was right. The man had what appeared to be a nipple ring visible under the fabric of his shirt. She had tried all night not to stare but it seemed impossible now to pull her eyes away. She hadn’t really thought of a man having a pierced nipple before. What did it look like? Of course, it was only purely for educational purposes that she wondered. What was the reason to inflict such pain on yourself? The thought of it happening to her own nipple made her wince. Yet the thought of Alex Navarro with a nipple ring made her suddenly feel hot all over.
Alex recognized her look of sudden interest and desire.
“It’s is a nipple ring. You wanna’ look?” Alex started to pull his shirt up. He would do anything to get this woman’s attention.
“No!” Okay, yeah Amy did but she wasn’t about to admit it as to do so gave him power over her.
“Liar,” Alex responded softly. He knew she did. By the look in her eyes she wanted him. He continued to pull his shirt off.
Amy grabbed Alex’s hands to stop him any pulling his shirt up any further than the sight of some mighty fine looking abs and the enticing downward spiral of hair leading to his belt buckle. She swallowed hard. No other man had this affect on her and she had only seen his abs. The sight of the nipple ring would probably have her panting. Down girl.
“No, truly, I would rather you remain a mystery to me.”
“Wanna’ see my tattoo then?” Her hands rested just above his belt buckle. Alex wondered how much further he could push her before she fell.
Amy’s knuckles brushed the warm, hair-roughened skin of his stomach. A hot flash of sensation ripped through her body. It wasn’t early onset menopause that was making her hot.
“Ah, no thanks, I have no desire to see your tattoo.” Well, she did but God knows where that was and she wasn’t feeling that adventurous.
“Scared?” Alex knew she was but that she would not admit it.
“No, it’s just weird this need you have to show me body parts.”
“I’d more than happy to look at any part of your body want to show me.”
“I’ll bet.” Amy pulled her hands from his.
And stuff happens….

When we left Emmeline on, Kelly had Emmeline showing Louella what she did to men who did not obey her. They got imprisoned in the dreaded purple box….
"Within its velvet encased corners cowered the three men. But if I ever need my green quills cleaned or my LC tickled, I have three reusable talents right here."
“Not any more quill girl.” Queen Zahara gazed into her crystal ball and viewed Emmeline with distaste. Rafe and Shade were her sons and the rightful heirs to the throne of the Larrissian Kingdom. To be treated by this freak of a woman in such a way was not to be tolerated.

“I told you Emmeline was a bitch.” For the moment Rinalda knew she was safe. There was no way this monarch would risk her life.

Queen Zahara looked shrewdly at the woman beside her. She did not like her but she knew she had to keep her alive. The future of the Crown depended on it.

“I must free my sons.” Zahara focused on the men, twisted the skulltop on her diamond ring and summoned the three forth through the power of her mind.

Shade crash landed in a heap with Jonas and Rafe on top of him as they were flung through space.

“Holy crap where are we?” Jonas sat up and looked around him in awe. The sheer opulence was astounding.

“Mother?” Rafe looked at the Queen with amazement.

“Hello Rafe.” Rinalda greeted him.

“Rinalda! What are you doing here?” He thought she had died.

“You cannot expect the woman who is carrying your child to stay away from you.”

“What?” Rafe jumped up in alarm. “My child?” He had sex with Rinalda? When?

“She’s no longer a virgin?” Shade was amazed at this revelation.

“You don’t remember the night you made love to me, Rafe? You’re going to be a daddy.” And I am going to get the keys to the kingdom.

What will Anny do next? Check out Saturday. Stay tuned.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Molly said...

Woo hoo:) Queen Z is back with a vengeance! This keeps getting better and better...

As for your comment this morning, I'm staying with it...Steve is incensed that I even thought of his story being lame:)

Kelly Kirch said...

LOVE the sign AJ. That's on your front door, right?

Anny, have fun with this one! And Molly, you can't keep a good character down.

JacquƩline_Roth said...

I am sooo looking forward to this book. Alex and really caught my interest in the previous story. I can't wait.

anny cook said...

Hmmm. Now I wonder what I'll do with Rinalda?

AJ, I love the sign. I love Alex more. Send 'em over. I have lots of "stuff" to do with him. And I'll be reall happy to see his tattoo...