Friday, 14 September 2007

No were-bunnies here...

From Kelly on -

Excitement scuttled through him. There was nothing sexier than a were-bunny in a hissy fit chained for his pleasure. Instantly the image he’d written appeared before him. But with startling detail he realized his particular bunny had her tail in a twist.

From Auntie Amarinda (no way am I writing about a were-bunny)

You men are all the frigging same,” muttered Emmeline in disgust as she blinked her eyes and the chains snapped undone. “We’re in trouble and you’re thinking with your phallax.”

Sam watched in disappointment as the were-bunny image disappeared and the warrior woman was once more. “I can’t help it if sex calms me.”

“A gin sling calms me but I know it’s not going to keep me alive.” Maybe after a dozen I would not care so much. She looked around at the ornate furnishings. A sudden chill ran up her spine. Uh oh, that carving on the wall looked horribly familiar. The initials EZ entwined together instantly made her quills stand on end. “Oh crap.” Of all the places to end up.

“What’s wrong?” Sam was alarmed at how deathly pale she had become.

Emmeline reached desperately for her peeler but it was no longer at her side. “Give me your pen.”


“Because to keep us alive, I am going to have to kill the man who is about to walk through that door.” She now knew where she was and who was coming for her. His last lesson had nearly killed her. But this time he would not succeed.

“I don’t understand…”

“Don’t blither. Just give it to me.” She snatched the pen from his hand just as the door flew open. Emmeline locked eyes with the darkly handsome man before her. Sex on a stick. “Hello Zoltan.”

“Come to try to kill me again, Emmeline?” Zoltan asked in amusement.

“Who is he?” Sam could feel the tension crackle in the room.

“I’m Emmeline’s husband.”

What will the Anny, the Zen queen do tomorrow? Check

Today, someone wanted me to be something I’m not. Insisted on it in fact. For a moment I tried to conform but when all is said and done you really cannot be something you are not. Nor will I be patronized into thinking their way is better. I am not perfect. But that’s okay. I love me – flaws and all. What I do and say may not suit everyone and I’m not big on rules. This gets me into trouble a lot. But I accept that will happen. I am a nail your colours to the masthead kind of woman. Will I get into grief over not doing what they wanted? Yep, more than likely. Will I sweat over it? No. So many other more important things to get one’s knickers in a knot over. So when push comes to shove, be yourself. You may not be liked by all but at least you will like yourself. To thine own self be fair dinkum.(true)

So, I have been off work with an eye infection. I have been working for this company for over 6 months. Today they rang my father, next of kin, to ask him what my bank account details were as they had ‘lost’ them. Yes, as a company they inspire great faith don’t they? My father indicated politely that they were inept and maybe they should ring me. What was my phone number? So I got the call. It seems my being sick has created all sorts of problems. They suddenly can’t input pay or find personal details. These people normally cannot find their bums with their own hands. Naturally I was a tad ticked to be called when I am ill and I expressed this as only I can. Monday should be great fun.

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Kelly Kirch said...

One for your list, "Things I will never be: someone else". Makes perfect sense to me.

I don't know what the were-bunny issue is. You were perfectly fine with poison laiden quills and independently moving blue quills attacking a phallax, and lazer green eyes, a peeler, Blue Pens and Purple Boxes. But the were-bunny got you?? Oh AJ, I am so disappointed.

Molly said...

Blame it on the eye infection; it's affected her sci-fi creativity, LOL:)

Hope your eye is better...I know how painful that can be!

Amarinda Jones said...

I think it all has to do with bunny boilers grasshopper...

Yes, thanks you Molly, the eye is better and I am no longer scaring people with the swelling...damn shame that

anny cook said...

Bamm! Bamm! This is Anny beating her head against the desk. I now understand Skippy.