Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Who survives the dreaded umbrella?

Yesterday on Sam had pulled out a deadly blue pen that had our cast of adventurers and misfits agog at his threatening behaviour. Uh huh...please now read on for today's episode of when a woman with a peeler meets twins, a virgin assassin and a nympho Queen as they travels through dimensions...cue the music...hit the lights...

“Lord, I have had enough of these twits,” Beaky Sprott, the Queen’s man in waiting, murmured tiredly. None of them were worth a damn except the tall warrior woman and the man with the pen in his hand. It was funny how this Sam fellow was unaware of the power he held in his meaty fist. Such innocence could be useful. “Kill all of them bar the quilled woman and the scruffy looking man beside her.” Those two had potential.

“The usual way sire?” The commander of the Larissian guard asked as he lifted the laser umbrella and set the button on the handle to kill.

“Yes and make it quick.” Thank the purple moon. No more sex with the Queen. His thigh scales would have a chance to regenerate and he would be able to swallow his food without screaming. Lord, sex was painful. At least now I will be able to grow my fingers back.

With nimble grace the commander pointed his laser umbrella at each victim and dispersed of them in a quick open and shut motion before any of them realized what was happening. “All dead sire. Shall I send in the trolls to clean up?”

Hmm, the trolls.
They were quick at cleaning up the dead but their giggles were so annoying. “Yes, but tell them the first one that giggles gets strung up by their nose hair.” That would teach those rodent-like creature to grow it long.

But not everyone was dead. One hardy soul still remained alive trying not to breathe for fear of instant death.
“I will live through this and get my revenge,” vowed the survivor.
Where will Anny take it? I am sure it will be someone along the infinite corridors of time. Tune in same Emmeline time on
I ran a competition to suggest a good hero’s name. I had a lot of people email me with names they liked. The names of lovers, husbands and kids. All good names. The two winners of the competition were Beverley Ann and Frances. The names they supplied – Mortie and Harold. Unusual names? No. Heroic names – sure, why not? Beverley’s Mortie and Frances’ Harold are important to them and that’s good enough for me. And no, I personally will not name a hero Mortie or Harold but that thing is it’s good to know there are men like Mortie and Harold out there being the men they are. A man or women does not have to have an usual name to be a good, loving person and a hero in someone’s eyes. Thank you for everyone who entered. Heroes are indeed amongst us.
9/11 – who will ever forget? It was a horrible event that touched everyone regardless of what country they lived in. To all the service men and women from whatever country, peacemaking or peacekeeping all around the world, we are proud of you. Be safe and may you come home soon
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


anny cook said...

All right. Now I need a score card. Let's seem. Emmeline and Sam survived. Rinalda and Rafe weren't there... and one other one--my choice. Geez, who shall I pick?

Kelly Kirch said...

Pick Molly! :)

I for one like Beaky Sprout. I think you should use that as a heroic name. Unusual with a touch of whimsy (ack,hate that word).

Off to write and be productive today.

Molly said...

Here, here:) Let Molly live:) Nope, not prejudiced one bit, ha ha:)