Sunday, 23 September 2007

Food of the gods continued….

Okay, so yesterday I talked about the amazing properties of Vegemite and how I believe world peace can be achieved if everyone started the day with Vegemite on toast. No, I have not heard back from the UN on my Vegemite Peace Accord but I expect to soon. Today I bring you other wondrous food stuffs from OZ.

The lamington
What is it? Why heaven on Earth. Actually they are squares of butter cake that are rolled in chocolate icing and then rolled in desiccated coconut. They can also be cut in half and have jam (jelly) and fresh cream smothered in the middle. They are divine. Many a school or Scout group has made big bickies (money) out of lamington drives because Aussie can’t resist them. There is debate as to whom the lamington is named after. My own theory – who cares – lets just eat them.

The Pavlova
Invented in the 1920’s – some say by an Aussie – some say by a Kiwi but in the true Anzac tradition we won’t fight over it. The one thing we can agree on is it’s named after a Russian ballerina called Anna Pavlova – ‘light as Pavlova.’ It has a meringue base that is crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. It is then filled with whipped cream and topped with whatever fresh fruit you like. No Aussie barbie or function is complete without someone whipping up a pav.

Check out Anny has Sam suddenly reappearing on blog serial. Will he disappear on Monday’s episode on with Kelly?

Excerpt - Swift of Heart – out now

“Bloody hell!” Stephanie cursed out loud. She looked around her. “Great! Perfect! Here you are wandering along darkened streets in an unknown world talking to yourself. Way to get yourself killed Stephanie.”
She took another look at her surroundings. Either this part of city was falling apart or this was the bombing Mac had mentioned. Strange how fickle fate could be. Saving one building but blowing up another. Even in the eerie darkness, the shadow play of light and dark on the hollowed out buildings seemed incredibly sad and spooky to her.
She stopped in her tracks and wondered where all the people had gone. One minute she had been pushing past crowds and the next there was no one. If the derelict state of the buildings was any indication, it meant no one with any sense was wandering around in the dark ruins of the city. Normally Stephanie was full of common sense and she would have paid attention to where she was and left a breadcrumb trail home. Normally.
“Not like anything is actually normal at the moment!”
She had been beamed up or into a foreign dimension by a man she may or may not love, who may possibly be a liar and who had a plastic fiancée. Nothing normal with any of that.
The sudden sound of footsteps alerted Stephanie that she was not alone. Maybe this should have comforted her but it didn’t. If sensible people did not go walking around bomb sites at midnight, then that only left the abnormal, the crazy and the violent.
She knew nothing about Melotia, however she was not dumb enough to believe there was no crime. Stephanie weighed up her options. Try and walk back the way she came or run like a frightened ninny as fast as she could the other way. She opted for the latter as she heard the footsteps moving towards her in the direction she had just come.
“Damn it! I hate running.”
Normally Stephanie hated the sound of whiners but it was okay when she did it. She shot off at a fast pace that she knew in her state of athleticism she could only keep it up for maybe five minutes. She had no idea where she was running to but it gave her a weird sense of control to have made a decision. Whoever was behind her had also increased their pace. She could hear their footsteps break into a run.
Stephanie dodged and weaved and tried to utilize the shadows as she ran pantingly ahead. She knew that she had no chance of out running whoever it was that followed closely behind, so she skidded to a halt and looked for a weapon. She had no intention of going down without one hell of fight. The glint of metal caught her eye and she bent down to pick up a rusted metal bar, holding it like a baseball at her shoulder.
“I am armed and dangerous and you are in for the biggest ass kicking of your life!”
As Stephanie yelled the words, she was fairly impressed with how mean she sounded. She would have been scared if the positions were reversed. She could only hope whoever followed her was as terrified or…was that laughing she heard?
“I am a woman on the edge! I am not joking! Do not mess with me!” Again, the laughter. Stephanie squinted into the darkness at the figure that approached. “Back off sunshine! Don’t make me hurt you.”
She swung the bar menacingly at the figure. The bar flew out of her hands and the man was upon her. She fought like a wild woman, punching, kicking and yelling. But Mac just pinned her hands behind her back and smiled down at her.
“I got to tell you, Steph, I was terrified. The bit about ass kicking had me shaking.” Mac chuckled in amusement.

 ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Molly Daniels said...

I'll take a lamington, but leave off the coconut, stuff it with cream, and you've got a deal! The pavlova looks interesting too:)

anny cook said...

They both look delicious! I'll take one of everything!

Kelly Kirch said...

They are definitely creative looking confections. I think I'd like the Pavlova, but the coconut thingy, I'm with Miss Molly. Unless it were toasted coconut. mmmm.

Molly Daniels said...

Maybe roll it in powdered sugar?

Amarinda Jones said...

powered sugar? Oh puke...

kelly kirch said...

Have you ever inhaled powdered sugar? It can kill you, I tell ya.

Molly Daniels said...

Candy sprinkles? Okay...time for a chocolate fix...leave the thing plain...