Saturday, 8 September 2007

Name Mr X…

Competition time.

I am in the middle of writing my next book. It is coming along well, all bar the fact that I don’t have name of for the hero. Currently his name is X. So I have been writing things like “X said this…X did that…X growled when she sucked...” - you get the picture. Who is X? He is the typical kicking down the gates of hell hero who will do anything for his woman. I just don’t have a name for X yet. I like unusual names for my characters. I have a list of unusual heroine’s names but I am having trouble coming up with an unusual hero’s name and I know regardless what line of bull I spin my astute editor, she will not believe X is suddenly a hip name for men in 2007. She is a wake up to me.

So, smart, creative readers, here’s the deal, email me on with some unusual or uncommon male names and I will pick the two names I like best – from two separate readers. I will give the winners their choice of any one of my current books on PDF. This competition is open to readers of this blog – however to make it fair, no family members or mates – like Anny, Kelly or Molly can enter – their suggestions are always welcome but I want to hear from the people who read the books. What unusual name can you come up with? Contest closes EST Midnight Monday 9th September. The two winners will be announced on Tuesday’s Amarinda blog.

In case you are wondering, no Ethel, best friend, and I did not win the lotto. I know, we were surprised too. But we have decided anyone can win a couple of million dollars. What challenge is there in a couple of mill? So we are going in for the $10 million draw on Tuesday night and if by some wild chance that fails, then Saturday’s $20 million dollar draw is ours. That’s the plan. I have decided as soon as I win, I will send a taxi around to my workplace with my resignation letter and orders to pick up my coffee cup, spare forks, peppermint tea bags, stash of emergency chocolate and tampons. Ethel agrees with this and said she will do the same because even if we are rich that’s still her box of tissues on her desk where she works.

Ethel has almost smuggled, out from her work, every bit of stationery and office furniture she needs to start up her own well equipped, for the next ten years, office at home. It hasn’t been easy. I often receive frantic emails at work from Ethel for my suggestions on how to smuggle desk chairs, cartons of toner and tap fittings (don’t ask) out of the building without Ethel being caught. I have never seen Ethel’s place of work so it’s quite a challenge for me working out how she gets past the manager’s desk lugging cartons of paper or with tap fittings shoved up her jumper. I am a great believer in hiding in plain sight. I always hear the Mission Impossible theme when I picture this five foot tall blonde casually rolling out an expensive ergonomic chair and hoisting it into her car without anyone noticing. But so far so good - Ethel has not been questioned. I think she has the whole ‘who me?’ thing down pat. And everyone who has ever worked in an office knows stationery – I’m not sure about tap fittings – is fair game. And yes, I have promised to bail Ethel out of jail. What are friends for?

Speaking of friends…did you see Anny funny instalment on I am still smiling over that. Tomorrow the whole blog crew takes a rest but Kelly – will no doubt send them on some weird-arsed adventure Monday. So keep you blog serial channel tuned. What colour will our characters be Monday and whatever happened to the blue pen?
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


anny cook said...

Oh shoot! I knew I forgot something! The blue pen. Well, Kelly, it was your blue pen, anyway. Fix it!

Kelly Kirch said...

Fix it, she says. This from the woman who left it in the thirty seventh dimension. See, I DO know where it is. But alas, I do hear the fans and will figure something out.

In the meantime, cause it doesn't count for me, nor would I want it to since I have bought your books, I've got some ideas for your X.
Burton, Clement, Forest, Donovan, Dexter, Jerome, Oliver, Guy, Traxton. Just so you have a list, dear.