Saturday, 15 September 2007

Talking to yourself...

Alex Navarro – scarred, psychic, hot. Amy Hart – redhead, angry, passionate. Last Man Standing - An irresistible force meets an immovable object - watch worlds collide.
In the year 2008, two months after of the birth of the son of the scarred warrior, when evil has been thwarted and much blood is shed, the lands of Carronas and Melotia will unite as one. They will become one nation under one name, with one aim—peace.
After great personal upheaval, the brother warriors will lead the way to prosperity and harmony between all. Their children will carry on their legacy. The scarred warrior will never again doubt his way or question his destiny for there is no way it can be stopped. Pain and hatred will be the catalyst for greatness.
His woman will know no peace and there will be nowhere to hide.
The Prophecy of Llewellyn, Seer and Councilor, the Melotian Chronicles 1912
Last Man Standing – released 20th September - Sequel to Swift of Heart.

I write under two names and I make no secret of it. The reason behind the two names? Two different genres appealing to two different audiences. My editor, smart woman (no, I never suck up on a Saturday) suggested it as not everyone wants to read erotic romance and those that do may not want to read mainstream romance and that’s fair enough. I respect that. You don’t want to pick up an author’s book expecting to find one thing and get something entirely different. I love Robert Goddard books. They are full of mind games. If he wrote one that wasn’t I would be disappointed. But I also understand and respect those writers who choose to go into ‘deep stealth mode’ when it comes to their pen name. They don’t want to offend or be caught out in their jobs or home lives. That’s smart. I’m lucky. No one is horrified that I write erotic romance. Those who really know me are generally amused, for they are no longer shocked by anything I do. May you all have similar unshockable people in your lives.

Kelly aka Grasshopper suggested I interview myself on the blog. I said what was the point? I talk to myself all the time so and I know myself pretty well.

Amarinda: So what do you know?
Janet: Pretty much everything and anything I don’t know I make up as I go along.
Amarinda: Sounds fair enough. What are you working on now?
Janet: The next book.
Amarinda: Spooky - me too. Mine has lots of hot sex in it.
Janet: Well duh, it’s an Amarinda Jones book.
Amarinda: If only I did not have to go to work Monday.
Janet: Work sucks big time. I have only been able to write a couple of paragraphs each day as people keep asking me work questions.
Amarinda: How rude.
Janet: Some people just don’t understand my work ethic.
Amarinda: And the pretending to be deaf thing no longer works.
Janet: Yeah, but it was good while it lasted. I am thinking about telling people I have taken up an obscure religion and cannot communicate with anyone on a week day.
Amarinda: Excellent plan. Maybe you could tell them you can only use sign language.
Janet: Yes, I believe I know of some appropriate fingers I can use.
Amarinda: So, anything deep and meaningful you’d like to share?
Janet: I had my hair coloured intense red today.
Amarinda: That’s a good look. It also has the benefit of freaking people out.
Janet: That’s why I do it. Nothing else you want to ask?
Amarinda: How’s long is a piece of string?
Janet: The answer is fish
Amarinda: Smart arse
Janet: Why thank you

See? It just doesn’t work.

Well, how hot is Zoltan on Anny left us with a cliff hanger. What will happen to Emmeline in the bedroom? I am certain Kelly has not given up on the were-bunny idea so check her out on Monday.

Avast me hearties - remember its only three days until Talk like a Pirate Day on 19th September.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


anny cook said...

Loved the interview. It was so Janet/Amarinda! Also looking forward to Last Man Standing as I read the first one and now want to find out what happens with Alex and Amy.

And of course Jane and I are getting ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day. We checked out the web site so we'll be prepared!

Kelly Kirch said...

I loved this part:
Amarinda: Sounds fair enough. What are you working on now?
Janet: The next book.
Amarinda: Spooky - me too.

The prologue is just flat out awesome. I love the idea of a prophesy about a power couple. I can't wait for this!