Thursday, 13 September 2007

Thursday stuff...

Did you read about the were-bunny on What will happen next on the who is left alive blog serial? As always Wednesday episode can be found on Anny, Kelly…what can I say? You are fluffy originals.

I am off work sick. I have an eye infection. Yes, actually sick and not bunging on a sickie to have a couple of days off just because I can. My boss was very supportive when I explained that the Doctor said I could not go back to work until Monday. The boss said “Well who is going to do the work?” Wasn’t that sweet and caring? Wanker. So basically for the next two days a bunch of men will run around without a clue trying to do the work that one woman does. Nothing new in that is there? Ethel, my best friend, suggested I consider wearing a black eye patch as it would suit me. Always practical Ethel. She likes the idea of pirates. It’s a shame this eye thing did not happen on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. That’s on September 19th. Check it out and maybe consider the advantages of being a pirate for a day.

I got to watch The Bold and The Beautiful today. I haven’t watched it in ages but someone killed someone, Brooke is or is not with Ridge or another sibling and Stephanie is, as always, a piece of work. It’s so surreal with its meaningful looks, pouty lips and sex without any conscience whatsoever. And how quickly do those kids grow up in soaps? I spent ten minutes trying to work out the blood relationship of a niece and an uncle who were in love. But I love all the crazy, angst ridden machinations. I am a soap opera diva at heart. You have to be to be a romance writer. Oh, and yes, luckily everyone is so promiscuous in Bold that I do believe no one is technically related to anyone. That’s handy for the script writers.

The Goddess and The Ghost – book 2 of The Goddess grind - blurb

Zipporah Scott is due to spend the weekend camping with her niece. Zipporah hates camping. The only thing that could make it worse is the gorgeous guy who has been following her. He is a ghost. So he says. And apparently she is the only one that can help him. Uh huh. Why is it that the sexiest men are always the craziest? And how can one cranky working goddess change fate?

Rian Carmichael is a man that is trapped between worlds. Only Zipporah can see him. What he sees of Zipporah he instantly likes. That he is a ghost does not bother her. That he craves the taste of her does. Rian needs to convince her that only by her love can he live again. However the lady herself is not so sure and it’s going to take a lot of hot persuasion to make her think otherwise.

Despite the uncertainty of their situation, Zipporah wants to believe that she can have a future with Rian. The touch and taste of him is real enough but can he break through the barrier between worlds and be with her forever or are they doomed to be parted?

The excerpt
- middle of the road stuff, no swearing or sex.

The raw honesty in his eyes made her swallow hard. Zipporah knew that she could not throw away a brief moment of happiness because of fear.
“Turn off the light,” she murmured as her eyes locked with his.
“Shy after what we’ve done together?” Rian smiled softly at her as he caressed her hand slowly and with intent, as if it was just a prelude to what he planned to do.
“No it’s just that I don’t want my lone silhouette showing up on the canvas gyrating and grinding and people wondering what the hell I am doing all by myself in my tent.” She pulled her pyjama top and thermal vest over her head in one go, her full breasts bouncing as she threw the fabric across the tent. What was the point of being shy? She was his. They both knew it.
“I like the sound of you gyrating and grinding but only with me.” Rian switched off the light. This left more than enough to see.
“I am beginning to believe you are addicted to sex, ghost boy.” But then maybe so was she. The hunger within her to be filled by him was like nothing she had ever known before.
“My only addiction is you, baby.” Rian pulled her pyjama bottoms off in two firm tugs. “If only I could have you to myself all weekend.”
“I’d probably not be able to walk.”
“I’d happily carry you.” Rian started ripping his own clothes off as if he was burning with need.
“And get a hernia,” murmured Zipporah, her eyes on his body as inch by inch of delicious skin was exposed to her eyes. Hmm, much licking to be done. She ran her tongue along her top lip in anticipation. Zipporah never understood when others described lusting or savouring a lover’s body. She did now and held out her arms to her lover. “Take me, ghost boy, I’m yours.”
Rian needed no further encouragement. He slid into her open arms and his mouth met hers as he pressed her back into the sleeping bag.
Youch!” Zipporah pulled her lips from Rian’s and twisted tortuously beneath him. “What the hell is that?”
“It’s something that’s going to become a nice, tight part of you soon, baby.” Rian grinned down at her.
“It’s so hard.” Zipporah wriggled to get away from the object that dug into her.
“It’s meant to be. That’s a good thing.”
“This is so bloody uncomfortable,” complained Zipporah as she squirmed against him. She saw the puzzlement in his eyes. Ah the male ego. “You are the bomb. I want you, I need you but I have a rock in my back the size of a fist.”
Rian rolled her over so he lay beneath her.
“My hero.” Zipporah sat astride him and looked at the goods on offer. Mighty good stuff. She ran her hands up to his chest caressingly.
“You can do anything to me, baby.”

....I think they play cards all night or something…


Molly said...

I like this:) Is this the one with the new EC contract? Congrats, by the way! Can't wait to read more!

Amarinda Jones said...

Thanks, this is TEB

Kelly Kirch said...

Or they are so promiscuous that they are all related and therefore it's part of the Bold culture to do your family members. Incest is best, eh?

And where's your pirattitude? I thought you were kidding about the talk like a pirate day so I clicked the link. I can't beLIEVe you couldn't hold off an infection for another few days just to have the excuse for a patch. You are slacking, dear AJ. A tiny pirate with a piss-off attitude. Ha!

And Anny, did she just call us FLUFFY?! I'll forgive the Aussie slip. You can't call another person fluffy, only yourself AJ as it is highly rude. *wink*

Kelly Kirch said...

You know I love the story premise. Great clip....finally!

So where is this contest you were telling the pond about yesterday?? The surprise?? And what, pray tell, is Zipphora looking at on the cover?

anny cook said...

I believe she should wear the eye patch for the Under the Sea ball at RT. Unrelieved black attire. I can see it now.

Molly said...

I forgot to mention earlier...I was hooked on B&B in the late 80's/early 90's. It's amazing how one can stop watching for a decade and discover that little has changed...except that now Brooke and Ridge have more kids...and are now divorsed for what, the 3rd time? Ahhh...if only real life werel like that...get rid of unwanted spouses, have multiple children, and still manage to not age and keep your figure:)

Deborah said...

It's a good reminder that love goes beyond all boundaries. I'm reading this other other book that talks about fostering the kind of love that can break through distances. I don't know about breaking through the rules of physics, but the metaphor of a ghost loving a real person is just touching. Not that I'd wish it on anybody. :)