Saturday, 29 September 2007

Deal of a Lifetime

Rambo called me – no, not her real name, but she is very Rambo-esque in her approach to life. I used to work with her at Promptel. She both fascinates and appalls me with her behavior but that’s another hair-raising story. Anyway Rambo called to offer me a ‘fantastic’ deal. It seems all I needed to do was to send $10,000 over to a certain company in a certain city in Asia and then they would send me back $4,000. What the? No, Rambo said it’s ‘all legit’ and ‘you would see the rest of your money triple and quadruple in the next month.’ Yeah, right sure.
A –What do they invest in?
R – Not sure
A – It’s a half arsed pyramid scheme, Rambo. Pull your head in.
R - No way! They have an office right beside the Palace of …..
A – Oh well, they have to be legit then (serious eyeroll). So you‘ve seen their office? Their brochures? Googled them on the net? Stopped taking illicit drugs long enough to realize you are talking crap?
R - I thought you were a risk taker, A.
A – Whatever…have you invested money in this company beside the Palace?
R – Well, no
A – Why not?
R – Well, I wanted to see what they were like first…
A – Talk to me when you’re sober, Rambo.

Speaking of deals of a lifetime. Author Barbara Huffert has kindly allowed me to put the excerpt and blurb for her Deal of a Lifetime book on the blog today. Being the good girls we are, we have opted for a pg rated excerpt. However, rest assured this book has serious sizzling heat and kick arse, erotic romance. Check Barbara’s website for more – or better still buy the book. You will not be disappointed.
Next week I’ll give you a sneak preview of Barbara’s next book My Last Dark Day which is released 8th October from Total-E-Bound. I love that title.

Blurb - Deal of a Lifetime available from Ellora’s Cave

Annette thought she had the perfect solution to prevent what was meant to be a pleasant anniversary celebration from deteriorating into a never-ending lecture from her older sister on the sub-standard status of her entire life. Inventing a fictitious boyfriend, reportedly detained in an unavoidable, albeit imaginary business meeting, seemed like a harmless fib if telling it would ensure a festive evening. She even had a plan to cover his exit from her life later on.

Rich’s estranged wife had gone too far this time and he’d had enough. He had no clue what setting him up as another woman’s date for an evening of drinks, dinner, and theater with the woman’s family was supposed to accomplish but he was determined to find out. When his new better half didn’t so much as blink at his unexpected arrival he decided right then and there that he wasn’t letting her out of his sight. He’d play his role of escort to the hilt to get to the bottom of it even if he had to tie her to the bed and seduce the answers out of her once the other couple said goodnight.

Excerpt - Deal of a Lifetime available from Ellora’s Cave

..."That's good," he licked the same spot. "Fight me so we can honestly say we tried to resist each other," he encouraged, forcing his tongue between her lips.
Annette had no idea how it happened. One second she was pushing her hands against Rich's shoulders to stop the insanity and the next she was clutching those same shoulders to hold him to her, urging him to continue. His persistent tongue explored her mouth and she heard a moan. It suddenly dawned on her that the sound came from her and she decided she was even more insane than he was. What was wrong with her, letting, no, encouraging a complete stranger to ravish her mouth? And how could it possibly feel so amazing when his only reason for kissing her was to punish her for her role in some non-existent plot? The minuscule portion of Annette's mind that was still functioning snagged her attention. She had to end this before it got totally out of hand.
Every nerve in her body screamed in protest as Annette freed her mouth from his demanding plunder. She twisted her head to the side and fought both of them when Rich sought to recapture her. "Stop it! Just stop it! Get off me!" This time she remembered she was supposed to push him away.
"Still playing?" Rich sneered. He flopped back where he had been and rubbed his hand over his face. Eventually he sighed,focusing on her with a cold stare. "Great strategy. Let me applaud you, darling. A perfect balance of teasing and indignation. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the next round."
Annette meant to slip from the bed but was halted by Rich's hand clamping around her arm. A quick glance at his face warned her not to make demands. "Rich, please. This is not a game. I know how it seems but I swear this really is just an unbelievable coincidence."
"Unbelievable being the key word here."

Check out I killed Sam on the last installment of the blog serial but Anny has brought Sam back. What will Kelly do on Monday on Who will arise from the dead or their hamster like state? And more importantly will Gabrielle get to eat the ice cream?


anny cook said...

Actually, if there is justice, the ice cream will go to Emmeline. But there is seldom true justice or you would have won the Lotto by now, right?

Kelly Kirch said...

I'm not done with Emmeline. Poor little Hamster.

By the way, it's a scam, not that you wondered. If they send you back 4k, it still takes two or more weeks to clear and usually its bogus. The bank winds up coming after you for the fraud and you're out 10k. Tell Rambo to get a grip, life is never that easy.

Good excerpt too, by the way. Always good to see what the other authors are up to.

Barbara said...

Thanks so much for featuring my book today. Now I'm famous!

Amarinda Jones said...

Barbara - you were always famous - I was just cashing in on your fame mate

As for Rambo...what can I say - friends are strange